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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E06: Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant!
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1. Rory walks into the Yale Daily News office to find Paris is stressing out about a dream she had. In her dream, Rory got the religion beat assignment rather than Paris, by doing this for editor Doyle.
changing the oil in his car
cleaning his dorm
doing his laundry
cooking him veal parmesan
2. Lorelai tells Rory that Luke's doing a funny "bit" while doing this.
fixing the oven
mowing the lawn
installing a garbage disposal
doing laundry
By way of explanation.....
no bit, though - Luke's hitting his head on the oven is very real and very painful
3. Author Norman Mailer is at the Dragonfly for the third time in a week, but Sookie is not too happy about it. Why not?
he doesn't eat anything - he only orders iced tea
he's loud and disruptive to the other guests
he arrives before the kitchen opens and demands Sookie cook him breakfast
he refuses to pay for anything he consumes, believing he should get the "celebrity discount"
4. Rory's conversation with Doyle about article ideas is cut short by the arrival of:
Paris's father
the Yale dean
5. Rory is surprised to hear this piece of information from Doyle.
the paper's subscription numbers are dropping by the day
he's getting a promotion
Logan is the son of a major newspaper magnate
one of Rory's articles is being rerun by the Washington Post
6. Sookie freaks out during a business meeting when it is suggested that she __________in order to help the inn financially.
fire some of her kitchen staff
share an office with Michel
stop using Jackson as her produce supplier
stop serving lunch temporarily
7. Rory's having difficulty getting material for her article. What's she attempting to write about?
music downloading
the homeless population in New Haven
people who don't return their rentals to the video store
8. While in the bathroom, Rory stumbles upon a possible story when she encounters a student dressed in a ball gown and _____.
eye patch
gorilla mask
roller skates
clown nose
9. Lorelai receives an unexpected phone call from this person as she's leaving Doose's Market.
Max Medina
10. What surprising news does Chris share with Lorelai?
Sherry has left him and Gigi
he's about to become a father again
he's moving to Paris
he's fighting Sherry for full custody of Gigi
11. Why doesn't Friday night dinner doesn't go according to plan?
Richard accuses Lorelai of ruining his and Emily's marriage
Emily invites Christopher to dinner
Emily refuses to allow Lorelai and Rory to stay for dinner
neither Emily or Richard are home
12. Luke calls Lorelai from the diner, and he's not happy. What's going on?
Kirk is soliciting lunch customers for the inn while standing in front of the diner
Emily has been calling the diner, looking for Lorelai
Sookie is ranting and raving inside the diner
he received word that his divorce from Nicole was never finalized
13. Kirk is handing out lunch flyers while dressed like:
a chicken
a hot dog
a cup of soup
a candy bar
14. Rory asks Logan for an interview regarding a secret club she's convinced he's a part of. What's it called?
Skull and Crossbones
Smoke and Flames Society
Truth or Dare
Life and Death Brigade
15. Luke's annoyed again, but this time it's not because of Kirk. What's going on?
Lane has quit, saying she wants to spend more time with Zack
Norman Mailer is now at the diner, ordering nothing but iced tea
Sookie ran into the diner and hugged everyone while announcing her pregnancy
his business is hurting enough that he might also need to start closing at lunch time
16. Why does Rory pay Christopher an unexpected visit?
she wants to console him over Sherry's breakup
she wants him to stop contacting Lorelai
she needs to borrow money but doesn't want to ask Lorelai
she wants to see her sister

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