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How Well Do You Know: Trolls
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1. What is the name of the holiday in which a Bergen eats a Troll in order to experience happiness?
2. Prince Gristle's first troll-tasting at Trollstice doesn't go as expected - why?
the troll he's eating is plastic
the troll he's eating was already dead
the troll he's eating lights a fire and escapes from the prince's mouth
the troll he's eating tastes disgusting
3. The Trolls escape from the Troll Tree and find a new place to rebuild civilization. Which of the following is NOT mentioned by King Peppy as a reason any their new home is perfect?
it has clean water
it has sweet acoustics
it has fresh air
it has plenty of food sources nearby
4. Princess Poppy, like nearly every other Troll, loves singing, dancing and hugging. She also loves ______.
making home movies
5. What alerts the disgraced Bergen chef to the location of the Trolls?
Troll-shaped fireworks
a bird, with a Troll riding on its back, flies by
a bonfire
Troll-shaped confetti being blown out of a cannon
6. Poppy decides to head out on her own to save the captured Trolls. Branch arrives just in time to save an unconscious Poppy from being eaten by giant ______.
7. What is the condition that Branch insists on before he and Poppy head out to find Bergen Town?
sing quietly
no more talking
she owes him supplies for his bunker that have now been used by the other Trolls
no more scrapbooking
8. What does Branch do when Poppy insists on singing instead of being quiet so he can sleep?
uses bugs as earplugs
throws her guitar into the fire
pushes her inside a dark cave, then closes her inside
screams loudly until she stops singing
9. Branch and Poppy meet a cloud, who is happy to help them find their way into Bergen Town, under one condition - what?
Branch needs to give him a high-five
he needs a hug from Poppy and Branch
Branch needs to be polite and say "please" and "thank you"
Branch needs to stay quiet
10. Chef breaks into the Bergen Town castle to show King Gristle the Trolls. Where is Chef holding the kidnapped trolls?
inside her socks
in a lunch box she carries with her
inside a fanny pack around her waist
on top of her head, underneath the chef hat
11. How do Poppy and Branch locate the kidnapped Trolls inside the castle?
they listen for the sounds of singing
they follow the sound of their watches beeping for Hug Time
they search the castle once everyone is asleep
they look for Chef, knowing the Trolls will be close by
12. Chef forces King Gristle to eat a Troll. Creek makes his way into King Gristle's mouth via:
ice cream cone
hot dog bun
13. Scullery maid Bridget is entrusted to keep a watchful eye on the kidnapped Trolls. Poppy, the rest of the Trolls and Bridget join forces after Poppy:
convinces her she will be rewarded for letting them go
tells her she's too good to be working for the evil Chef
forces her to admit she loves King Gristle
begs her for her help, complete with crying
14. Why doesn't Branch sing any more?
his dying mother asked him not to sing any more if she wasn't around to hear his songs
the girl he had a crush on made fun of his singing voice
his grandmother was killed saving him from a Bergen while he was singing
he strained his vocal cords as a child and stopped singing so he didn't lose his voice permanently
15. Bridget, as her alter ego Lady Glittersparkles, introduces herself to King Gristle as he's _____.
getting a haircut
looking for his lost alligator
eating tacos
shopping for a bib
16. "Lady Glittersparkles" leaves this behind after making a hasty exit from her date with Gristle.
a lock of hair
a roller skate
an earring
a pair of sunglasses
17. Poppy and the rest of the Trolls are captured by Chef, but that's not even the worst of it. What's going on?
Creek is working with Chef to capture the rest of the Trolls
King Peppy is nowhere to be found
2 more captured Trolls have been eaten by Chef
Branch is now refusing to help Poppy
18. Branch sings for the first time in years, trying to cheer up Poppy after she:
watches her father, King Peppy, be eaten by a Bergen
becomes so sad she loses her color
says goodbye to him
falls and hurts her leg
19. Poppy, Branch and the rest of the Trolls manage to escape from the pot they were trapped in. What happened?
they squeezed through a hole in the side of the pot
Branch found a way to get the top off the pot
they tipped the pot over by putting all their weight on one side
Bridget opened the pot and let them escape
20. What does Poppy decree after being crowned queen?
"hug time" is all the time
Branch is now part of her family
the Trolls will make sure the Bergens will always be happy
the Troll Tree will be cut down

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