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How Well Do You Know: Cloverfield
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1. At the start of the movie, the footage shown is property of whom?
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
National Security Administration
J. J. Abrams, all rights reserved
2. The camera is retrieved at incident site "US-447". What was this area formerly known as?
Central Park
Coney Island
Grand Central Terminal
Yankee Stadium
3. On April 27, Rob and Beth make plans to do what?
Get your minds out of the gutter. This is a family quiz.
Go to Coney Island.
Move in together.
Visit the Statue of Liberty.
4. Almost a month later, Rob is being thrown a going away party because he is moving to:
Los Angeles
Tampa Bay
5. Which character is given the responsibility of the camera and ends up chronicling many of the events in the film?
6. Hud, the cameraman (did you get it right?), has an unrequited crush on whom?
Rob (not that there's anything wrong with it)
7. The night of the incident, Beth is mad at Rob for moving to Japan. Why is Rob mad at Beth?
Beth begs him not to leave her and move.
Beth never called the next morning.
Beth shows up with a date.
Beth taped over their video-date from April.
8. What news does Hud let slip to others at the party?
Beth is pregnant.
Lily is pregnant.
Rob and Beth slept together.
The Statue of Liberty has exploded.
9. The news anchor kindly explains the cause of the power outage in Manhattan. What is it?
"Godzilla must be roaming the streets."
Military Training Exercise
Union strike
10. Correctly order these calamities:
Building explodes, monster sighted, Statue of Liberty's head flies off
Building explodes, Statue of Liberty's head flies off, monster sighted
Monster sighted, building explodes, Statue of Liberty's head flies off
Statue of Liberty's head flies off, monster sighted, building explodes
11. Marlena tells her friends she saw the monster do what?
*ahem* Let's say it was marking its territory
Capsize a freighter
Eat people
Knock down a helicopter
12. Beth calls Rob to tell him what?
She is sorry she left in a huff.
She is trapped in her apartment.
She knows someone who can get them out of New York City.
She downloaded the most excellent new ringtone.
13. Who dies on the bridge, crushed by the monster's tail?
14. Rob steals something at the electronics store that is being looted. What is it?
A cell phone
A cell phone battery
A GPS tracker
This most excellent new ringtone Beth told him about.
15. When Rob embarks upon his quest to rescue Beth in Midtown, someone unexpectedly volunteers to join him. Who is it?
16. While the group is hiding in the subway, mini-Cloverfields attack. How does Marlena save Hud?
She beats the killer bug to death with a pipe.
She knocks him out of the way.
She sacrifices herself to the killer bug.
She takes the camera right as it attracts the bugs.
17. Who gets bitten/infected by a parasite in the subway?
18. Where does the group encounter a military command center?
Best Buy
Sak's Fifth Avenue
Yankee Stadium
19. What is the name of the protocol the government is considering implementing?
Cloverfield Crush
Nuclear Splinter
20. How does the group get to Beth's apartment?
By hitching a ride on the Cloverfield Monster's back!
Surprisingly, the elevator still works.
They take the stairs all the way up without incident to her apartment.
They take the stairs in the adjacent building and climb across then down to her apartment.
21. When they get to Beth's apartment, they see that she has a problem. What is it?
She's been blinded by all the explosions.
She's impaled by part of the building foundation.
She's slowly being hung to death by part of the building foundation.
The Cloverfield Monster has come into view behind her.
22. Interspersed throughout the video are clips of Rob and Beth's date in April. Where did it take place?
Central Park
Coney Island
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
Yankee Stadium
23. The four remaining members of the group take helicopters to escape. Which one rides in the first helicopter and thereby becomes the only member of the cast who can be alive in the sequel?
24. Which member of the cast does the Cloverfield Monster eat?
25. After the credits, there is an audio clip that announces something important when played backward. What is it?
"Cloverfield Monster 1, New York City 0."
"It's still alive."
"Tokyo is under attack by another one!"
"We suck at camera work!"

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