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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E05: We Got Us a Pippi Virgin
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1. Rory's lunch partner seems to be monopolizing the conversation. Who is she dining with?
2. Lorelai stops by the diner for a coffee to go, and is surprised when Luke tells her this.
he's going to include her in his "friends and family" discount on diner food
she never needed to give him a tip, as you don't tip a proprietor
she has always been his neediest customer
he's allowing Rory to eat there for free
3. Lorelai has an awkward conversation with this person after leaving the diner.
Tom the contractor
4. Lorelai and Rory are both surprised to see this in the foyer of Emily's house.
Paris's printing press from Asher
a panic room
a bicycle
5. The Gilmore ladies break into the pool house to look for gin, but it's the discovery of a ______ that angers a snooping Emily.
mystery phone number
tube of lipstick
6. Dean is now staying with his buddy Kyle. Kyle has returned from the Navy with something he feels is a real "chick magnet". What is it?
an eye patch
a hook hand
a cast
a prosthetic leg
7. What is the code to Emily's panic room?
her social security number
her house number
8. Rory tells Lorelai about her lunch the day before with Richard. What did Rory take as a sign that Richard misses Emily?
he's stopped wearing suits and ties
he finished reading a series of books that people don't usually read for fun
he's regrouting the bathroom tile
he's taken to napping every afternoon
9. Lorelai pays Richard an unexpected visit. What news does he share with her?
he misses Emily
he's thinking of quitting his job and retiring for good this time
he's taking art classes at the learning center
he's joined a barbershop quartet
10. Lorelai, Luke, Rory and Dean double date at the Black White and Read. They watch The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking after the original movie's reel caught on fire. What movie were they supposed to be watching?
Cool Hand Luke
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Bringing Up Baby
11. Zack visits Lane at the diner, as he wants to tell her something. What's on his mind?
he's concerned that he doesn't have enough groupies
he wants to let her know he has feelings for her too
he doesn't like the song order of their latest set
he asks her to give him time to process the news that she likes him
12. What is BWR employee Kirk doing during the movie?
running laps outside
making out with Lulu
playing games in the arcade next door
trying to free himself - he's accidentally locked himself in the bathroom
13. Luke already has an attitude towards Dean, but it gets worse when this happens.
Dean accidentally knocks a plate out of Luke's hand, causing food to drop on the floor
Dean refers to Luke as "dude"
Dean requests a beer back at Lorelai's place
Luke catches Dean trying to get to "second base" with Rory
14. What game do the girls get Luke and Dean to play in order to break the tension?
Bop It
15. Luke compares Rory to ______ when telling Lorelai why he doesn't like Dean.
Snow White
Pippi Longstocking
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

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