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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E04: Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too
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1. Why doesn't Lorelai want Luke to cook her breakfast in her kitchen?
her oven isn't working correctly
she likes the experience of eating Luke's breakfasts at Luke's Diner
she doesn't want to be stuck cleaning dishes in her kitchen
she doesn't like that Luke cooks her healthy food at home
2. What item - currently being housed in the dorm common room - did Asher leave to Paris in his will?
his motorcycle
a Greek sculpture
a canvas painting
a printing press
3. Paris and Rory have an awkward conversation after _______.
Rory brings Dean back to the dorm
Rory finds a condom wrapper on the couch
Paris starts walking around the dorm wearing nothing but one of Asher's shirts
Paris won't stop crying
4. Jackson decides to run against Taylor for the town selectman position after Taylor gives Jackson a hard time about:
a beehive
a book he wrote
a greenhouse
a horse stable
5. Rory drives to Stars Hollow to spend time with Dean, as he's unable to visit her at Yale. Why can't he get to Rory?
his parents have forbidden him to see "homewrecker" Rory
Tom has him working at the Dragonfly
Taylor has called him into work
he's still sharing a car with Lindsay and she needed it
6. Jackson uses baby Davey to appeal to potential voters, but this plan backfires when:
Davey spits up on a constituent
Taylor offers free ice cream to all registered voters
Sookie yells at Jackson in front of everyone for using their son to gain votes
Luke calls him out on it and kicks everyone out of the diner
7. Lorelai admits this to Sookie after she gets off the phone with Rory.
she's having a hard time accepting the Rory/Dean relationship
she's not sure how much of her and Luke's relationship she should share with Rory
she actually wishes Rory would have ended up with Jess
she's afraid to tell Emily and Richard about Dean, given how they reacted to him years ago
8. Dean gets upset when Rory suggests this.
staying the night at Lorelai's house
going out /being seen together in public
meeting up with Lindsay to address some issues
seeing other people
9. Sookie, assuming Jackson is going to lose the election, says she'll do this to console him.
give him a backrub
have sex with him
make stew
help him plant seeds in the greenhouse
10. Lane and the band can't decide whether or not to play the song Jackson has requested. What song does he want them to play?
Hello - Lionel Richie
the theme song from the Austin Powers movies
Believe It Or Not (The Greatest American Hero theme)
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
11. Kirk arrives at the diner with big news:
everyone in town (with the exception of Taylor) has voted for Jackson
he's decided to run against Taylor and Jackson
the polls are closing early, as Miss Patty needs her dance studio back
he wants to propose to Lulu onstage at the rally
12. What does Lorelai do as the night is coming to a close?
asks a few townspeople to vote for Taylor
accidentally discovers the ballots
kidnaps Taylor, locking him in the diner
pays Kirk to keep Taylor away from the rally
13. Jackson uses his victory speech to:
say he's giving the job back to Taylor
lay down a long list of rules related to growing produce in Stars Hollow
announce he doesn't want to be selectman after all
taunt Taylor
14. What is Lane doing while she admits her true feelings to Zack?
scrubbing the toilet
helping his groupies find their way home
handing him beers from the fridge
talking to her mother on the phone
15. Dean shows up at the rally to apologize to Rory for his recent behavior. What does Rory ask him?
does he think they made a mistake by sleeping together
whether he wants to stay at her dorm temporarily
if she is a better and more supportive partner than Lindsay
whether he would have left Lindsay anyway, had she not found the letter
16. Lorelai sneaks out of the victory party and heads to Luke's apartment with champagne, only to find:
another woman is there with him
she had woken him up
Jess is back in town
he's not there

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