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How Well Do You Know: Wings (1927)
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1. Wings was distributed by which studio?
Warner Brothers
2. Mary falls passionately in love with Jack. When did they first have this connection?
When they met in high school
When he picked her at a bonfire
When they met at a picnic as children
When David introduced Jack to her at a party
3. Sylvia's advantage was that she moved into town. What is David's advantage?
He is son of a war veteran
He is the richest man in town
He is Mayor of San Antonio
He fought in two consecutive battles
4. “Herman Schwimpf, eh? That's a fine name to fight the Kaiser with!” He shows that he's American with a tattoo of a flag on his arm. What does it read below the flag?
In God We Trust
God Bless America
Stars and Stripes Forever
E Pluribus Unum
5. Before he leaves his parents, David takes something with him as a good luck charm. What is that?
A tissue doll
His mother's rosary
Sylvia's necklace
A tiny teddy bear
6. Meanwhile, Mary looks for a job at a newspaper. The ad asks for volunteers at the Women's Motor Corps, specifically ones that drive which car?
7. Jack and David get introduced to Cadet White who recruits them to their fighter planes. What kind of ingredient is in the Hershey's bar he is eating?
8. Jack and David hope they get to meet some Germans on their first pilot patrol. What do they refer to them as?
9. Colonel Von Kellermann and his flying circus have spotted our heroes and are preparing to fire. Which air fighter is the first to be attacked?
German No. 3
American No. 1
German No. 2
American No. 3
10. Oh no! David has been hit by one of the Germans and he’s going down like a shooting star. What happened before this tragic event?
His biplane was running out of fuel
His built-in machine gun jams
His biplane lost one of the wheels
He lost his aviator goggles
11. Mary now serves in World War I as an ambulance driver. What happens on her first day?
She drives into a trench
She rescues the wrong soldier
One of the tires in her ambulance blows up
She runs over a soldier
12. Because of their tremendous victory over the German forces, Jack and David are being promoted what?
Field Marshal
13. Which Aero Squadron are David and Jack in?
14. Mary is on the search to find Jack in Paris. Where are he and David?
Moulin Rouge
Folies Bergere
Le Beouf sur le Toit
Alcazar d’Ete
15. At the Folies Bergere, Jack gets drunk, starts hallucinating, and sees bubbles. Where do the bubbles not appear?
Bed pillars
Mary’s glittering dress
Celeste’s jewels
16. Even though he still believes he's in love with Sylvia, when did Jack realize that he had feelings for Mary?
When he saw bubbles come out of her
When he saw her at the bedroom
After she kissed him while he was asleep
When he found out she was resigned
17. David has been shot down by the Germans and presumed dead. Where does Jack get shot?
Left eye
Back of the head
18. Which river does the main climax take place?
Klempt River
Reiner River
Werner River
Mad River
19. David is shot down by Jack, who thinks David is a German soldier who crossed enemy lines. Where does David’s plane crash into?
A church
A hospital
A trench
David’s house
20. What were the final English intertitles?
"C’est la guerre!"
"I knew it -- all the time."
"You kiss the girl you love."
"It wasn’t your fault. It was war!"

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