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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E03: Written in the Stars
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1. Lorelai and Rory are uncomfortable with Emily and Richard's living arrangements - and the fact that they have to visit separately. What do Lorelai and Rory have to discuss with both of the elder Gilmores?
Rory's car problems
the dorm Rory is moving into
the Dragonfly Inn
Lorelai's relationship with Luke
2. Lorelai teases Luke in the diner, saying she can't believe he won't do this in front of Rory.
kiss Lorelai
admit that he's dating Lorelai
flirt with Lorelai
call Lorelai by a pet name
3. Lorelai and Luke make plans for a date that night, but are unsure if they should:
let the town know they are dating
spend the night together
see a movie or go out to dinner
make it "Facebook official"
4. Why is Paris late to move into Yale?
her boyfriend, professor Asher Fleming, died
she is yelling at a dining hall employee for messing up her order
she is on her honeymoon
her old nanny is sick and Paris is nursing her back to health
5. Emily and Richard meet up to discuss assorted household issues. What does Emily especially have an issue with?
the ladies Richard is inviting over to the pool house
the fact that Richard's telling everyone he and Emily are separated
what Richard is eating for dinner
where Richard parks his cars
6. On their first official date, Luke brings Lorelai to a restaurant owned by a couple he's known for years. How does Luke know Maisy and Buddy?
they are his aunt and uncle
they used to live in Stars Hollow
Buddy was Luke's father's best man when his parents got married
Maisy went to school with Luke's mother
7. What is the name of the ill-fated dog whose story is on the back of the restaurant's menu?
Sir Barks-a-Lot
8. Luke tells Lorelai a story about the day they met. What does he carry around in his wallet as a reminder of that day?
the empty sugar packet Lorelai used in her coffee that first day
a picture
a horoscope
a folded up copy of an old Luke's menu
9. What had Lorelai written on Luke's horoscope?
You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away.
It's coffee o'clock. Tick tock!
The person standing in front of you becomes tolerable after a cup of coffee. (Hint, hint...)
Do you see coffee in my hand? No? Then why are you still talking, buddy?
10. Luke asks Lorelai to make a list of CDs he should get so he doesn't "have to hear about it", but he draws the line at groups what?
don't wear shoes
wear too much makeup
talk through the music instead of sing
dress up like pirates
11. Lorelai and Luke's relationship is unintentionally aired in public when Lorelai, unaware the diner is open, walks downstairs wearing:
Luke's shirt
nothing at all
a bathrobe
a bra and Luke's apron
12. Rory argues with fellow student Logan while she's trying to do this.
buy books at the bookstore
move her couch into the dorm's common area
order Chinese food with her friend Marty
hang up flyers announcing a wake for Asher Fleming
13. Emily finds it downright scandalous that Richard is doing...this.
drinking on the patio, where others can see him
leaving the house at 7:30 p.m.
playing music in the pool house too loudly
inviting a woman into the house
14. Luke and Lorelai's relationship is discussed at the town hall meeting. Taylor thinks it's a disaster waiting to happen, and uses a story about a former town romance between a _________ and a ________ as an example of why competing business owners dating is a bad idea.
auto mechanic, car salesman
book shop owner, librarian
candy shop owner, flower shop owner
cake decorator, chef
15. Rory gets an unexpected visitor during Asher's wake - who?
16. Rory decides to leave the wake and see Dean after this happens.
Paris talks about how much she loved having Asher as a boyfriend
her friend Marty asks if she has a boyfriend
Richard stops by the wake and starts fighting with Emily
Dean leaves her a voicemail, asking her to visit him

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