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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E02: A Messenger, Nothing More
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1. Zack and Brian are in the diner, trying to use cutesy code words to order free _______. Lane isn't impressed.
French fries
apple pie
iced tea
2. Lorelai hears from Lane that the town has nicknamed Lorelai:
"the blur"
"Cranky McGee"
"white lightning"
3. Emily and Rory arrive in Italy. Rory's disappointed that Emily isn't planning on napping today - why?
Emily's in a better mood when she naps
Rory can't sneak out to sightsee on her own if Emily's awake
Rory gives Richard a daily spending report, which will be harder to do if Emily's awake
Rory makes a daily phone call to Dean during nap time
4. Lorelai finds Michel hiding behind the front desk. Who's he hiding from?
Chin Chin and Pau Pau's former owner
the head of a hospitality group looking to recruit him
the children of some inn patrons
5. Sookie forces Lorelai to leave the inn and go home to relax after comparing her behavior to that of:
Emily towards her staff
Richard towards Jason Stiles
Michel towards his employees
6. Rory calls Lorelai and tells her she was at a place that she and Lorelai had visited in the past. What did they call the corner they had visited?
State and Main
Jump and Roll
Bark and Cheese
Lost and Found
7. What does Rory ask Lorelai to do for her?
deliver a letter to Dean
pick up a CD she left at Lane's
contact Paris to tell her Rory will be late getting back to school
forgive her for sleeping with a married man
8. Liz figures out Luke's romantic situation after he:
asks her for help in picking out a necklace
is caught looking at Lorelai's picture in the Stars Hollow Gazette
tells a jewelry booth customer about his new girlfriend
talks about Lorelai in his sleep
9. Zack comes into the diner with 2 women, but they leave shortly after he starts fighting with Lane. What are they fighting over?
the set list for their upcoming show
whether Lane should invite Mrs. Kim back to the apartment as long as the guys are living there
whether he's allowed to share his free French fries with anyone
whether he finds her attractive or not
10. Lorelai and Sookie see this happening while out for a relaxing stroll through town.
Luke arriving home
Kirk chasing a goat through town
Richard walking around aimlessly, looking for Lorelai
Lindsay throwing Dean's clothes and possessions out the window
11. Rory and Lorelai have a confrontation at the gazebo with Lindsay and her mom. How DID Lindsay find out about Rory's affair with Dean?
Dean felt guilty and confessed
a suspicious Lindsay listened in on Dean's phone calls to Rory
Lindsay found the letter from Rory in Dean's jacket
she overheard Miss Patty and Babette discussing the affair while at the diner
12. Lorelai's surprised to see Luke back at the diner. Luke claims he needs to run an errand; where's he supposedly off to?
the pharmacy
Doose's Market
the liquor store
the gas station
13. Lane needs to talk to Rory, as she's "in a quandary". What's she need to discuss with Rory?
whether she's in love with Zack
whether she should move out of the apartment and get female roommates
whether she should quit the band
whether giving Zack and Brian free old French fries is technically stealing
14. Luke didn't really need to hit the pharmacy, but he felt the need to keep up the pretense so he bought something there. What did he buy?
a box of Reeses Pieces
a pack of cigarettes
a copy of Playboy
allergy medication
15. Rory goes to talk to an angry Dean, who is now living back at his parents' house. She is distracted by this after he goes back inside.
balloons floating through the air
a chirping bird flying above her
Lorelai kissing Luke
the sight of Lindsay crying while walking to her house

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