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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E01: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller
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1. What does Rory pick as her and Dean's "song"?
"I've Got You Babe" - Sonny and Cher
"The Candy Man" - Sammy Davis Jr.
"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" - Tiny Tim
"You Light Up My Life" - Debby Boone
2. Which part of Emily's European trip does Richard find to be most shocking?
she's going to drink 2 glasses of wine at lunch
she's going to flirt with Italian men
she's going to pack her own suitcases
she's going to have a wonderful time without Richard
3. Emily and Richard's fight moves from indoors to outside the house after:
Emily climbs out the basement window
Emily pushes Richard out the front door
the maid accidentally locks them both out of the house
Richard leaves to go to a hotel
By way of explanation.....
(and loses her skirt in the process!)
4. Lorelai returns to the inn and finds Kirk laying on the couch. Poor Kirk's in bad shape after his night terror escapade. Luke and Lorelai get Sookie to do this to an ailing Kirk.
give him aa massage
check his temperature - rectally
sing him lullabies until he falls asleep
pull thorns from a rose bush out of his butt
5. Sookie is giddy after hearing Kirk's story relaying his night terrors - why?
she loves hearing that he wound up destroying Taylor's rose bushes
he mentions seeing Luke and Lorelai kissing
he compliments her cooking in the middle of his story
baby Davey starts crying, giving her an excuse to go back upstairs
6. Dean gets back to his place and picks a fight with a confused and unsuspecting Lindsay - why?
she didn't have dinner waiting for him
she was out late and didn't tell him where she had been
she answered his cell phone while he was out
she got a puppy and didn't ask him first
7. The next morning, Luke's trying to talk to Lorelai, but she's busy dealing with Taylor. What's going on?
Taylor's list of complaints about the inn is getting bigger by the hour
Taylor's luggage has been stolen from his room
one of Taylor's shoes was destroyed after he left them out for shoeshine service
one of the horses knocked Taylor to the ground during a ride
8. Sookie is beyond excited that Luke and Lorelai kissed. After she's done squealing and hugging, she tells Lorelai why she thinks this is great news. She mentions this as a perk.
Free house maintenance for life!
Babette and Miss Patty will finally stop bugging her about her love life
When Lorelai dies, she'll have someone there to find the body
Lorelai and Luke will make beautiful babies
9. Lorelai panics when she realizes she forgot about Jason during all the commotion. Sookie mentions that she had Michel call Jason's cell phone and tell him _______.
he was being sued by his father
his mother was being rushed to the hospital
his dog had died
his apartment was on fire
10. Lorelai calls Luke to talk about the kiss. Luke's alone in the diner stock room; Lorelai's hiding in an inn closet, but she's not alone. Who's in there with her?
Michel's dog Pau Pau
Kirk's girlfriend Lulu
baby Davey
11. Rory calls Dean, asking him to meet her. She wants to tell him their liaison was a one-time affair, but she winds up sleeping with him again in _______.
Miss Patty's dance studio
Dean and Lindsay's bedroom
Luke's Diner's bathroom
The Dragonfly
12. Rory leaves Lane's house to go back to the inn, as Emily's there waiting to have lunch with her and Lorelai. Rory spots Lindsay on her way out of Stars Hollow; what's Lindsay doing?
talking to a divorce lawyer
picking out a new suit for Dean at the tailor's shop
eating at Luke's
getting tips from the butcher on how to cook Dean the perfect roast
13. Emily announces that she and Richard have separated, but Lorelai doesn't think that's quite accurate. Why not?
it's only a trial separation
Richard's moved to the pool house
Richard's already seeing someone and has filed for divorce
Emily's refusing to use the term "separation"
14. Why does Rory agree to go to Europe with Emily for the summer?
she wants to get away from Lorelai and her disapproval
she wants to avoid Dean (and Lindsay)
she really wants to visit Paris again
she doesn't want Emily to be by herself
15. Lorelai arrives home from the airport to find Luke's left a number of messages. He's off to Maine to help Liz and T.J. after they were in a car accident; he also tells Lorelai he:
wants her to visit him in Maine
got a cell phone
can't stop thinking about their kiss
thinks Kirk was faking the night terrors

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