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How Well Do You Know: The Last Emperor
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1. The very first scene takes place in which city?
2. Before Empress Dowager Cixi dies, she gives Puyi some information. What is not one of them?
Puyi’s father is crowned Prince Regent
The Guangxu Emperor has died
Only The Emperor can access the Forbidden City at night
Her servants are eunuchs
3. While we’re on the subject, what is the name of her dog?
4. Judging by the smell from Puyi’s potty, what two foods has he been eating?
Bok choy and garlic
Tofu and meat
Bean sprouts and ginger
Scallions and meat
5. Back to present day, we find Puyi in the bathroom where he boils hot water. In case you missed out on what happened in the first five minutes, what is he trying to do?
Warming his hands from the cold
Making his own soup
Drinking stolen tea
Slitting his wrists
6. Puyi, as a grown boy, meets his mother Youlan for the first time. How long has it been since he saw her?
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
7. Pujie is wearing yellow to show the end of the Qing Dynasty. Puyi proves to Pujie that he is still the emperor by commanding one of his servants to do what?
Drink a bowl of ink
Eat his own hair
Flagellate himself
Castrate one of the servants
8. Here, we meet Sir Reginald Johnston, Puyi’s tutor, who will give him elocution lessons and teach him proper vocabulary. To start off, what does Puyi ask?
If he’d like tea
Where he is from
How he came to China
How long he’s been in China
9. During the session, Puyi has a “secret” animal in his bag. What is it?
A cricket
A turtle
A praying mantis
A mouse
10. Why were the Chinese protesters rebelling against the government outside the palace grounds?
The government agreed to give their land to Japan
The government created a communist bloc
The protesters wanted to restore the Qing Dynasty
Soviet Union has imperialized China
11. What happens to Puyi’s mouse?
It died of suffocation
He gives it to Johnston before his bicycle ride
He throws it at the palace doors
He lets it escape from his bag
12. Now that Puyi has glasses, he will have to select one princess to become his bride. Which one reportedly has a funny face?
Fung Ying
De Li
Wu Chang
Wen Xiu
13. Eventually, Puyi does end up choosing a wife, or at last his servants choose for him. What was wrong with her?
She is too regal
She is too old
She is from Japan
She looks unattractive
14. What is Puyi’s prison number?
15. In 1924, the following happened in China, except what?
Puyi divorced Wanrong
The president had fled China
Puyi was expelled from the Forbidden City
The Parliament had collapsed
16. Puyi fled from Beijing to Tianjin and rented an expensive villa there, The Villa Chan. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the Western world there. Which Western good is an exception?
Bayer Aspirin
Wrigley's chewing gum
17. A man asks Wen Xiu to dance with him. Where is he from?
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego
18. We meet Yoshiko Kawashima, AKA Eastern Jewel, a spy for the Kwantung Army. What secret doesn’t she know?
Chiang Kai-Shek’s nickname
Puyi and Wanrong's trip to Europe
Chiang Kai-Shek’s false teeth
Joseph Stalin’s secret KMT speech
19. In 1931, after spending 28 years in China, Reginald Johnston bid farewell to Puyi. Which song plays during his departure?
Auld Lang Syne
Amazing Grace
Hector the Hero
The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond
20. In 1934, Puyi has become Emperor of Manchukuo, which has caused Wanrong to sink into sadness. Why have they not made love?
She’s best friends with Eastern Jewel
She is against the idea of Japanese taking Chinese rule
She’s become an opium addict
She feels that Puyi is consumed with power greed
21. Puyi is given tasks in prison. What is his task on Thursday?
Sweep the floor
Clean the toilet
Serve lunch
Scrub the walls
22. In 1935, the prime minister has resigned from office. What happened to him?
His son was assassinated by Communist mercenaries
His wife was stolen by Bolsheviks
He lost power after Communist rule
The Communist anarchists ambushed his family
23. Wanjong is expecting a child and knows who the father is. Who is the father?
Victor Wong
Big Li
Takashi Hishikari
24. Back in prison, there have been complaints from Puyi’s cellmates. What has he been doing that’s disturbing them?
Praying too loudly
Using too much soap in the shower
Snoring loudly
Urinating in the bucket loudly
25. By 1937, the Japanese were ready to strike South, at the heart of the country. The attack on Shanghai was one of the first civilian bombing raids in history. It left thousands homeless, thousands dead. Where did they besiege next?
26. Soon after Japan surrendered in World War 2, Masahiko Amakasu committed suicide. How does he do it?
Drinking potassium cyanide
Shooting himself
By way of explanation.....
Although in real life Masahiko Amakasu drank potassium cyanide, in the film he shoots himself.
27. How long does Puyi spent in prison before his release?
9 years
10 years
11 years
12 years
28. What happened to the prison captain since his release?
He was killed by Maoist revolutionists
He was executed by firing squad
He parades in town as a prisoner by Maoist revolutionists
He was shackled to a cangue and starved to death
29. How old was Puyi when he died?
30. Fun Fact! One of the composers for The Last Emperor was a very well-known musician. Can you guess which band he was in?
Talking Heads
The Eagles
Blue Oyster Cult
By way of explanation.....
The Last Emperor had three score writers, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Cong Su, and Daid Byrne. Each which won an Oscar and a Golden Globe as a result.

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