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How Well Do You Know: The Crown, Season 1
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1. "Wolferton Splash": Prince Philip has a commission in the:
Royal Navy
Royal Marines
Royal Air Force
Royal Army
2. "Wolferton Splash": Meanwhile, King George is suffering from cancer of the:
3. "Wolferton Splash": Philip has to renounce his titles with relation to these two countries:
Portugal and Germany
France and Finland
Greece and Denmark
Norway and Belgium
4. "Hyde Park Corner": As Elizabeth and Philip embark on their tour of the continents, they first touch down in:
North America
South America
5. "Hyde Park Corner": Anthony Eden approaches George about convincing Churchill to step down while the king is:
Being examined by a doctor
Playing with Charles
6. "Hyde Park Corner": What does Elizabeth hold when she learns of her father's passing?
A letter to her father
A costume crown
The camera George gave her
A teapot
7. "Windsor": We learn that Edward has this unflattering nickname for Churchill:
Hot Air
Sad Sack
Cry Baby
Boot Licker
8. "Windsor": Philip feels strongly that instead of moving to Buckingham Palace, he and the new queen should stay at their residence, named:
Coventry House
Chapel House
Coronet House
Clarence House
9. "Windsor": Who breaks the news to Elizabeth that the cabinet decrees that Elizabeth must move to Buckingham and must keep the Windsor name?
Princess Margaret
10. "Act of God": British officials discuss the parallels between English meteorological conditions that those which brought about a dense fog in this American city:
11. "Act of God": Monarchy is God’s sacred mission to grace and dignify the Earth. To give ordinary people an ideal to strive towards, an example of nobility and duty to raise them in their wretched lives. Monarchy is a calling from God. That is why you are crowned in an abbey, not a government building. Who says this?
Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Queen Mary
12. "Act of God": Venetia Scott dies when she is struck by a bus outside:
A hospital
Downing Street
Her flat
A pub
13. "Smoke and Mirrors": At the end of the episode, after his viewing party in Paris, Edward is shown:
Painting a landscape
Playing a bagpipe
Carving a pipe
Sitting along in his car
14. "Smoke and Mirrors": Who informs Edward that Wallis Simpson will not be invited to the coronation?
Queen Elizabeth
Tommy Lascelles
15. "Gelignite": A British newspaperman starts to suspect a relationship between Margaret and Peter Townsend when he spots her doing this in the coronation processional:
Smiling shyly at him
Briefly holding his hand
Brushing his cheek
Picking a piece of fluff off his jacket
16. "Gelignite": At the suggestion of Tommy Lascelles, Elizabeth posts Peter Townsend to Belgium while Margaret is away in this country:
Upper Volta
Southern Rhodesia
South Africa
Sierra Leone
17. "Gelignite": A symbol of the Egyptian uprising is seen in before- and after-riot photos of this type of building in Cairo:
18. "Scientia Potentia Est": It's suggested through flashbacks that Elizabeth did not receive the same quality and depth of education as other children because:
She was taught separately
She had a learning disability
She despised her tutors
Margaret constantly distracted her
19. "Scientia Potentia Est": When Elizabeth asks Professor Hogg to tutor him on President Eisenhower, the Professor's first suggestion it the topic of:
The workings of a nuclear bomb
The military-industrial complex
Backgammon strategies
20. "Pride & Joy": A statue of George VI is unveiled. Who leaves the ceremony abruptly?
The Queen Mother
21. "Pride & Joy": To unwind a bit, when she reaches Scotland, the Queen Mother:
Drinks wine. Lots of wine
Tours a castle
Rides a horse
Sails on the ocean
22. "Assassins": Who commissions the portrait of Churchill for his 80th birthday?
He commissions it himself
Churchill's wife
23. "Assassins": This is the name of the thoroughbred owned by Elizabeth that figures into her relationship with Porchey:
24. "Gloriana": Anthony Eden recounts to the queen a dinner in Cairo when Nasser shows up:
Two hours late
In his military uniform
At the wrong residence
25. "Gloriana": Who announces to the press that Peter and Margaret will not marry?
Anthony Eden

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