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How Well Do You Know: An American in Paris
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1. Jerry once served in World War II and left to achieve his dream job. What is that job?
2. Adam is a concert pianist who lives in the same building as Jerry. How many fellowships has he won?
3. Who is the first person to say “hello,” to Henri Baurel?
A nun
A book salesman
A greengrocer
A cobbler
4. When Lise is described as “modern,” what color are the backgrounds?
5. Henri’s taste in music is different from Adam’s. Which Austrian classical composer known for does Henri prefer?
Johann Strauss II
Franz Schubert
Gustav Mahler
Wolfgang Mozart
6. What state is Jerry from?
New York
New Jersey
7. Jerry meets a socialite named Milo who admires his artwork. How much does Milo offer to pay for Jerry’s paintings?
15,000 francs
30,000 francs
40,000 francs
50,000 francs
8. Jerry teaches English to a bunch of French children. What is the first word that Jerry teaches them?
9. At the Cafe Flodair, Jerry meets Lise at another table. What is her first impression of him?
10. Out of all the perfumes Jerry scent-sampled for the customer from Milwaukee, which one does he like the most?
Vol de Nuit
Après L'Ondée
Nuit d’Amour
11. In America, Saturday’s the big night. No work, no school, and when you get home no money. What happens on a Sunday?
Everyone gets one hour sleep
Everyone catches a cold
Everyone heads to Atlantic City
Everyone orders breakfast at night
12. Lise and Jerry must meet again on Saturday. Where?
Académie Colarossi
École des Arts Appliqués
École de Beaux Arts
Académie de La Palette
13. Later that night, at the theater, what news does Henri give to Lise?
Henri is going to star in a new movie
Henri is going on tour in America
Henri has a part for Lise in his next show
Henri has thought of where to go for their honeymoon
14. Adam imagines himself writing a concert piece. What color is the background?
15. Milo offers Jerry a job as a scenic painter. What does he not paint a picture of?
Etienne laughing
Adam playing the piano
Cafe Huguette
L'Opera Garnier
16. Because Adam knows that Jerry is in love with Lise, who’s to be married with Henri, he has to make up a story to distract Henri. What is that story?
His performance for Hitler
His latest concert piece
His intervention with a new girl
His dream of performing at a concert
17. Which well-known songwriter wrote most of the songs in the film?
George Gershwin
Adolph Green
Cole Porter
Irving Berlin
18. Lise reveals that she going to get married and will not see Jerry anymore. How long have she and Henri been together?
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
19. Also, which port are they under when she makes this announcement? Hint: Notre Dame Cathedral can be seen in the background.
Pont de l'Archevêché
Pont Saint-Louis
Pont au Double
Pont Saint-Michel
20. Jerry and Milo bump into Henri and Lise at the Art Student’s Ball. Where are Henri and Lise getting married?
Le Havre
21. What does Jerry draw on a poster as his last act of love?
Notre Dame
Jardin du Luxembourg
Les Champs-Elysées
Opera Garnier
22. The ballet/ climax has three parts taken from styles of three painters. Which was not one of them?
Henri Rousseau
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Raoul Dufy
Edgar Degas
23. The last line in the film comes from which character?
24. Which Oscar category did the film not win?
Best Director
Best Costume Design [color]
Best Writing, Story and Screenplay
Best Cinematography [color]

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