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How Well Do You Know: Iron Man
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Behold the mountain Downey was able to buy with his Iron Man money.

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1. What musical accompaniment introduces us to the sandy world of Tony Stark?
Back in Black
Iron Man
Running with the Devil
2. A bomb goes off right beside Tony Stark. What is printed on the side of it?
Give Peace a Chance
Property of Shield
Stark Industries
This Is for Captain America, You Fascist.
3. Which of these is not mentioned as part of Tony Stark's awards show biography.
Built a circuit board at age four.
Built his first engine at age six.
Graduated from MIT at age 17.
Solved a Rubik's Cube while still in diapers.
4. There are two rides in the desert, one of which gets hijacked by terrorists. Which one is Mr. Stark riding in?
The Funvee
The Humdrumvee
The We Wonvee
The Yumvee
5. Who captures Tony Stark?
Iron Monger
The Ten Rings
Jack Daniels
6. Upon his awakening, Stark discovers what is keeping him alive?
Car battery
Double-A batteries
Six D batteries
Warm memories of his recent sexual encouter with Christine Everhart
7. Why does the terrorist say he is keeping Tony alive?
He wants Tony to reveal secrets of national security.
He wants Tony to build a Jericho Missile.
He wants Tony to give him Pepper Potts' phone number.
Let's just say he subscribes to Prison Bride Monthly.
8. What does Tony build instead of a Jericho Missile?
Ark Reactor
Miniturized Ark Reactor
Palladium Alloy Suit
Fembots. Lots of fembots.
9. How does Dr. Yinsen buy Tony Stark more time for his suit to come online?
He finds a batch of molotov cocktails and tosses them into the bunker.
He runs toward the enemy, recklessly shooting a machine gun.
He sets a trap with a net that bags three bad guys.
He wires the door to explode.
10. One enemy shoots Stark in the back of his helmet. What happens?
Stark slaps him, thereby getting his robotic arm stuck in the wall.
Stark's suit temporarily goes offline, leaving him defenseless for a moment.
The bullet ricochets, instantly killing the shooter.
The bullet ricochets, fatally wounding Dr. Yinsen.
11. Which of these things does Stark's first power suit not do?
Fire missiles
Impervious to gunfire
12. Tony Stark wants some things when he returns to America. Which is his highest priority?
Announcement for a press conference.
Demonstration of the ark reactor.
To keep up that playboy womanizer reputation, if you know what I mean.
13. Who does special agent Agent Phil Coulson work for?
Department of Defense
National Security Administration
14. Pepper Potts: "Don't ever, ever, ever, ever ask me to do anything like that ever again." To what is she referring?
Bugging and snooping in Obadiah Stane's office.
Changing Tony's ark reactor in his chest.
"Taking out the trash" i.e. forcibly evicting Christine Everhart.
Some folks call it "Going Greek".
15. Pepper Potts gives Tony Stark an engraved present. What is the message on it?
No Means No
Proof that Tony Stark Has a Heart
Saving You a Dance
World's Greatest Boss
16. Who notifies Tony Stark that Stark Industries' weapons are being used to destroy a village in Afghanistan?
Christine Everhart
Lt. Col. James Rhodes
Pepper Potts
Obadiah Stane
17. While Iron Man is evading F-22 Raptors, he gets a phone call from who?
Agent Phil Coulson
Lt. Col. James Rhodes
Nick Fury
Pepper Potts
18. Raza, the terrorist who uncovers the original Iron Man suit in the desert, is killed by whom?
Abu Bakaar
Dr. Yinsen
Obadiah Stane
The people of Dr. Yinsen's village
19. What role does Pepper play in Obadiah Stane's undoing?
She catches him in the middle of his video upload.
She discovers the video that implicates Stane in Stark's kidnapping.
She notifies Stark that Stane has his own power suit.
She shaves his beard off.
20. "Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave. With a bunch of scraps."
"Maybe I didn't read enough comics as a kid."
"Stark is also able to sleep with supermodels. I can't do that, either."
"We must have the wrong scraps."
"Well, I'm sorry. I'm not Tony Stark."
21. Where does Stane get the ark reactor to power his "upgraded suit"?
Pepper Potts' coffee table
Stark Industries' R&D
Tony Stark's chest
Tony Stark's basement
22. Who hands Tony Stark the ark reactor he needs to save his life?
Christine Everhart
Lt. Col. James Rhodes
Nick Fury
A robotic arm
23. The Iron Man power suit is protected against one contingency that the Iron Monger suit is not. What is that contingency?
24. What is Tony Stark's shocking revelation at the end of the movie?
All Stark Industries profits for the year go to charity.
He is Iron Man.
Obadiah Stane was a traitor who sold military secrets.
Stark Industries has been bought out by The Ultimates.
25. The big post-credits surprise is the appearance of this other Marvel character.
Captain America
The Incredible Hulk
Nick Fury

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