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How Well Do You Know: Schindler's List
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1. September 1939, German forces defeated the Polish army in two weeks. The Jews were ordered to register all family members to relocate to major cities. How many Jews arrive in Poland daily?
2. We meet Oskar Schindler, who makes a living as a factory owner in Krakow. What kind of materials does he make?
Mechanical hardware
3. Why does Schindler need Itzhak Stern?
He wants the first Jewish worker in his factory
He wants to invest money in his factory
He wants him to sell mess kits to Jews
He needs him to place job applications in Krakow
4. Where does Schindler meet his first employer, Poldek Pfefferberg?
A military hospital
His factory
Poldek’s school
A Catholic church
5. Edict 44/91 forced 15,000 Polish Jews from their homes and moved to the Krakow ghetto, south of the Vistula River. How long was that segregation area?
10 blocks
14 blocks
16 blocks
20 blocks
6. According to Stern, how much do the women and unskilled workers make?
4 marks
5 marks
6 marks
3 marks
7. Stern helps a man, Chaim Nowak, get his Blauschein by creating a fake resume stating that was a metal polisher. What was his real job?
History teacher
8. Fun fact! Schindler’s office was decorated by a relative of one of his workers. Who?
Stern’s wife
Pfefferberg’s mother
Hirsch’s husband
Rosner’s sister
9. Lowenstein was the man who congratulated Schindler for “rescuing” him from his possible death. What happens to him later?
Schindler doubles his salary
He gets sent to Auschwitz
He loses his other arm from one of the machines
The SS shoot him in the head
10. We met SS-Hauptsturmführer Amon Goeth, who’s being shown the Jewish District. Which Ghetto do the elderly and infirm live in?
Ghetto A
Ghetto B
Ghetto C
Ghetto D
11. Goeth’s men are ordered to collect the Jews with Blauscheins and kill the ones that don’t. So, Danka’s family hides pieces of jewelry in bread cubes and swallow them. Where were they keeping their jewels before?
Under the table
Under the floor
Inside the wall
Beneath the fireplace
12. The remaining children are hiding out in their houses from the SS soldiers. Which is not one of their hiding places?
Under the bed
Behind the wall
In the bureau
In the piano
13. What is Goeth’s secretary’s name?
14. What is Stern’s Jude number?
15. Rabbi Menasha Lewartow has a job of making door hinges for Schindler’s factory. Why does Goeth execute Rabbi Menasha?
He put the hinges on the wrong side
He used cheap metal
He doesn’t make hinges fast enough
He made so few hinges
16. Because Lewartow makes hinges slowly, Schindler switches him to make what?
Soup pans
Tea kettles
17. People say Schindler is a savior. It’s not a factory, it’s a haven! Goeth has been a great help in running the Jews. Stern states otherwise. Once a man escaped the barracks, Goeth interrogated each man to find answers. How many people has he killed?
18. Schindler manipulates Goeth to go easy on the Jews and have mercy and he agrees. When does Goeth not use this idea?
A worker fails to clean the bathtub
A soldier pulls a girl's hair for smoking
A worker spits on Goeth's face
A worker drops an expensive saddle
19. Did you know that Amon Goeth had TWO maids named Helen in real life, aside from Helen Hirsch? What was her last name at the time?
20. The Nazi’s have taken the children from labor camp. Some of them are still hiding. Where is Danka?
Under the floorboards
Under the steps
In the kiln
In the latrine
21. What is Schindler’s concern with the hose next to the train?
It contains little water
It has a leak
It is too short
The nozzle is corroded
22. Goeth and his troops notice a spark of change in Schindler. He seems to be helping Jews rather than torturing them. What made them notice that spark?
He kissed a Jewish girl
He hosed the Jews in the train
He replaced the gas in the chamber with water
He had an affair with Helen Hirsch
23. Desperate, Schindler wants his employees back so they won’t go to Auschwitz. Goeth suggests that Schindler should ship his equipment to where?
24. The list Schindler and Stern wrote together contained over 1,000 names. Each one had a prison number, nationality, religion, and occupation. Which prison name does not match with their occupation? This one is really hard if you're not a true history fanatic.
69510 --- Account bookkeeper
76374 --- Metal worker
69011 --- Plumber
76497 --- Bookbinder
By way of explanation.....
69510 (Marcel Goldberg) - Accountant, 76374 (Miriam Grunberg) - Metal worker, 69011 (Eliasz Luftig) - Plumber, 76497 (Jetti Zuckermann) - Metal worker
25. How about their last names and occupations?
Maria Mischel --- metal worker
Wilhelm Nussbaum --- Painter
Markus Wulkan --- Bronze/Silversmith
Joseph Bau --- Graphic artist
By way of explanation.....
Maria Mischel --- metal worker, Wilhelm Nussbaum --- Upholstery worker, Markus Wulkan --- Bronze/Silversmith, Joseph Bau --- Graphic artist
26. Schindler’s women accidentally get sent to Auschwitz. Hoss remembers a time when this similar thing happened. A group of which nationality were supposed to go to a gas factory?
27. Now Schindler has made another factory that creates ammunition. What does Schindler want Lewartow to do?
Make more ammunition within a week
Move on to making tank cannons
Speed up the tank bullet production
Prepare for the Sabbath
28. Now that the war is over and the Germans have surrendered their nations, let us give a moment of silence for the deaths of Jewish loved ones. How long do they keep their silence?
One minute
Three minutes
Four minutes
Two minutes
29. Ever since the Krakow Jews have left the factory, what has not happened?
Amon Goeth was hanged
Schindler lost his business and wife
Holocaust survivors grew a tree in Schindler’s honor
Schindler was arrested for theft
30. Which one of Schindler’s Jews helped finance and inspire the making of the film?
Helen Hirsch
Poldek Pfefferberg
Joseph Bau
Olek Rosner

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