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How Well Do You Know: The Apartment
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1. The film takes place in 1959 in what day?
November 1
November 9
November 13
November 18
2. Calvin Baxter (aka “Buddy Boy”) works at an insurance office, which carries 31,259 employees, more than the population of which city?
Pikeville, Kentucky
Dorris, California
Natchez, Mississippi
Ruckersville, Virginia
3. Buddy lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan next to Central Park. How much is Bud’s rent?
4. Where does Sylvia’s mother live?
Long Island
5. After Buddy cleans up his apartment room, he turns on the TV. One channel features a promo for a classic movie. Which film does it show?
Sadie Thompson
Grand Hotel
White Heat
Gone With the Wind
6. Buddy is asked for another “hour worth of work” from Joe Dobisch. Where does Bud place a note on?
Liquor cabinet
Record player
7. The next day, Buddy calls Joe again. Why?
He found red wine spilled on his carpet
He noticed a mural painted over his Picasso
He misplaced his apartment key
He found cigarette burns on the armrest of his sofa
8. Buddy wants to postpone an appointment with Kirkeby from Friday to Thursday. What’s happening during Thursday?
Perry Mason
Beat the Clock
The Untouchables
9. Proud of Buddy’s hard work, Mr. Sheldrake offers two tickets for The Music Man. So, Buddy asks the elevator girl, Fran, to go out with him. Where is the show’s venue?
St. James Theatre
Majestic Theatre
Beacon Theatre
Broadhurst Theatre
10. Fran has another date with Mr. Sheldrake at a tiki bar/restaurant. How long have they been dating since?
Three weeks
One month
Two Months
Four Months
11. The four bosses were upset that Buddy didn't let them in for the night. Instead of sharing Buddy’s apartment, what did Kirkeby do for last week’s date with Sylvia?
He took her to Coney Island
He took her to see a drive-in at New Jersey
He took her to the Lincoln Center
He took her to see Music Man
12. During a Christmas party, Buddy shows Fran his own office and puts on his derby hat. What does he call his look?
The CEO look
The Managing director
The Chairman of the Board look
The Junior Executive look
13. Distraught about the fact that Fran was seeing Sheldrake behind his back, Buddy goes to a bar to get wasted, where Margie hits up on him. What drink does she have him order?
Rum Collins
White Russian
Strawberry Daiquiri
Tom Collins
14. During his date with Margie, what doesn’t he find in his apartment?
Fran’s gloves
An empty bottle of sleeping pills
Fran’s $100 bill
Sheldrake’s vinyl record
By way of explanation.....
Buddy does find the C-note, but only after Fran wakes up.
15. Where was Fran when she had her first kiss?
Central Park
A cemetery
A hot dog stand
An elevator
16. Fran moved from Pittsburgh to New York to enroll in secretarial school and she failed. Why?
She constantly arrived late
She was too slow
She couldn’t spell
She daydreamed about her true love
17. Who comes in to Buddy’s apartment during Fran’s stay?
Mr. Dobisch
Mr. Kirkeby
Mr. Vanderhoff
Mr. Eichelberger
18. Sheldrake fires Mrs. Olsen because she spilled the beans to Fran about his divorce. What does she give back in return?
His engagement ring
A vinyl record
A dime
A cup of spiked egg nog
19. Buddy smells gas coming from the kitchen in his room. What was Fran trying to do?
Commit suicide
Make coffee
Fix the gas leak
Boil water
20. Why does Buddy have a tennis racket in the kitchen?
He uses it to bat dough
He extracts water from pasta
He bats and chases rats with it
He crushes peppercorn using the handle as a pestle
21. Buddy tried to commit suicide once. Where did he shoot himself?
22. We meet a character named Karl Matuschka, a taxi driver who's on the search to find Fran. He is her…
23. Buddy once had dinner with several celebrities over in his place. Who did not dine with him?
Connie Francis
Mae West
Ed Sullivan
Perry Como
24. Buddy is being promoted once again, jumping from 2nd Administrative Assistant to which position?
Records Administrative
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Director
25. Which key does Buddy give to Sheldrake?
His apartment key
The private elevator key
The executive bathroom key
A and C

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