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How Well Do You Know: The Secret Life of Pets
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Alex1220 3/15/19 5:59 am


1. After their owners leave, Max the dog and his animal friends meet up. Max and Chloe the cat don't believe Mel the dog when Mel tells a story about being in _____.
the sky
a car
a basket
By way of explanation.....
(on an airplane on his way to Florida)
2. Chloe taunts the dogs with a ball. Sweet Pea the bird does the same to Chloe with:
a ball of yarn
a piece of tuna fish
a laser pointer
a paper bag
3. Max is less than pleased when owner Katie arrives home with:
another dog
a boyfriend
a cat
4. Max is NOT pleased with the idea of having a doggie brother. What advice does Chloe give him?
start acting like the alpha dog
give Duke the silent treatment
attack Duke
give his owner a reason to only want one dog
5. Max and Duke's encounter with a whole lot of alley cats happens after:
Max dares Duke to taunt the cats
Duke breaks him and Max through a dog park fence
they attempt to save Katie, who's in the alley looking for them
the cats lure them in with the promise of doggie treats
6. The alley cats gang up on Max until:
Duke's barking scares them away
Chloe shows up and the other cats hide from her
a child runs through the alley, trying to capture cats to play with
animal control officers run through the alley in pursuit of Duke
7. Who first notices that Max is missing?
Chloe the cat
Gidget the Pomeranian
Mel the pug
Leonard the poodle
8. The animal control van is hijacked by 3 animals. The bunny, pig and bearded dragon belong to a group called:
The Shelter Set
The Rejects
The Flushed Pets
The Wise Guys
9. Max and Duke are saved by Snowball the bunny after they do this.
push a cat into traffic
beg and plead
ask Snowball where the nearest veterinarian is located
convince Snowball that they hate humans
10. What is Duke and Max's initiation into the Flushed Pets?
fighting each other
being bitten by a viper
taking a blood oath
chasing a cat into a lake
11. Snowball is already upset when he discovers Max and Duke are domesticated pets, but becomes consumed with getting revenge after:
Max accidentally smushes the viper
Max and Duke run away and hide in the sewer
Duke eats a treat meant for one of the Flushed Pets
Max knocks the clean white Snowball into a puddle of mud
12. Gidget and her animal friends have an unlikely helper in the search for Max:
a hawk
a mouse
a snake
a human
13. How does Pops the elderly beagle end the animal party that's being held in his owner's apartment?
he yells "Animal Control! Run!" at the top of his lungs
he pushes a ball out the door and yells "fetch"
he has his assistant turn on the vacuum
he has the dog next door throw a stick
14. Max and Duke's adventures in Brooklyn lead them not towards home, but to a ______.
sausage factory
dog park
pet salon
15. Gidget and company find the Flushed Pets and immediately scatter once they discover that they are in danger. All but one of the animals makes it out safely. Who winds up being a prisoner of the Flushed Pets?
Sweet Pea the bird
Mel the pug
Norman the guinea pig
16. Max convinces Duke to do this while in Brooklyn.
look for his former doggie girlfriend
go to his former owner's home
start looking for a new place to live
rescue his mother from the Brooklyn animal shelter
17. Duke is captured by Animal Control shortly after discovering his previous owner:
doesn't remember him
gave him up intentionally
18. Snowball and Max join forces after members of the Flushed Pets are also picked up by Animal Control. They catch up to the Animal Control van by:
hitching a ride on the back of a rickshaw
hiring a taxi to drive them
flying on a kite made from a doggie sweater
driving a stolen bus
19. Who saves Max and Duke from drowning?
20. Snowball's mission to exterminate the humans doesn't quite go according to plan - why not?
he's captured by Animal Control
the rest of the Flushed Pets decide to quit
he is picked up by a little girl and becomes her pet
he has a change of heart and asks to live with Max and Duke

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