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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 21: Conflict Resolution
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The Office: Conflict Resolution

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1. Pam inferred Angela is not invited to her wedding because Angela:
Hates Roy
Called Pam a hussy
Wishes she were dead
Thinks wedding gowns are whorish
2. Oscar and Angela are in conflict over an item that was first introduced in the Christmas Party episode. What was it?
Angela's poster
Pam's teapot
Oscar's oven mitt
The iPod
3. "Win-win" is the fourth style of conflict resolution. What is the fifth style?
The Michael Scott solution
4. What office activity is taking place during the episode?
Fire alarms
Updating emergency information
Job performance reviews
Photo ID pictures
5. Someone went to Toby with complaints about Dwight, but withdrew them six months earlier. Who?
6. Someone in the office complained to Toby that Pam spends too much time planning her wedding. Who does Pam believe made the complaint?
7. Who actually made the complaint against Pam?
8. Toby told Dwight that all of Dwight's complaints against Jim are sent to New York. Where are all of Dwight's complaints placed?
A box under Toby's desk
In the trash
Above the ceiling tiles
In the dumpster in the parking lot
9. Which of the following was not one of Jim's pranks that Dwight complained about?
Every time Dwight typed his name it came out as 'diapers'
Moved his desk into the ladies' room
Placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk drawer and tried to convince him he committed murder
Manipulated the weight of Dwight's phone so that he hit himself in the head with it
10. At the end of the episode, Jim is:
Planning his vacation so he'll be gone during Pam's wedding
Seeing Jan about a job in Stamford
Putting all of Dwight's things in Jello
Eating a ham and cheese sandwich

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