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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Marge Be Not Proud
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It's a Krusty Kinda Kristmas, sponsored by ILG, selling your bodies chemicals after you die, and Li'l Sweetheart Cupcakes, a subsidiary for ILG. Which celebrity guest star will appear in a video Christmas card?
MC Hammer
Tupac Shakur
Notorious B.I.G
Buy me Bonestorm, or go to hell!! How much does the game cost in Android's Dungeon?
Since Comic Book Guy's all out of copies of Bonestorm, he suggests Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge. What does the game feature?
A scoring pencil
A miniture golf club
A putting tee
A glow-in-the-dark golf ball
Which game is not featured in Try-n-Save's video game selection?
Virtual Strip Poker
Save Hitler's Brain
A Streetcar Named Death
Angus Podgorny's Caper Toss
Troy McClure hosts a shoplifting video to make money for his plea bargain with which famous company?
Men's Warehouse
Bath and Body Works
Nordstrom Rack
Foot Locker
Bart visions himself at Juvenile Hall, right before he and his family take their family picture at the Try-n-Save. What does Jimbo get for Christmas?
A spare wagon tire
A torn-up dog matress
A March 8th newspaper
A book of carpet samples
What does Homer not want to do at the Try-N-Save?
Smell new tires
Price flip-flops
Sample the expensive couches
Consult the pharmacist for free medical advice
Homer bets that he may give Marge that fancy watch for Christmas. What will Homer really give her?
A new vacuum bag
An ironing board cover
A mop bucket cleaner
Smoke detector batteries
The store detective tells Homer and Marge that Bart has broken the 11th Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Steal. Next he'll be stealing from what?
Restaurants and caves
Hotels and theme parks
Post offices and libraries
Stadiums and quarries
What is the ticket to Lisa's sleepy train?
Candy cane made of gingerbread
Chocolate coin made of peppermint
Lollipop made of butterscotch
Candy corn made of chocolate fudge
Homer is writing a series of punishments for Bart on a note pad. What is he doodling on his notepad?
An alien eating a hamburger
A unicorn riding a rocket ship
A robot roasting a hot dog
A T-Rex riding a roller coaster
Who is Warren Burke?
The name of Milhouse's Bonestorm second player
The name of the kid who buys two Bonestorms at Try-N-Save
The name of the photographer at Try-N-Save
The name of Milhouse's piano tuner before they got rid of it
How many hours a day does Marge spend in the house?
16 hours
18 hours
21 hours
23 hours
Bart plays Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge, a game that Marge got Bart for Christmas instead of Bonestorm. What type of putter does he choose for the game?

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