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How Well Do You Know: The Prince of Egypt
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1. Before we move on, I want to address the A-list voice cast. Which celebrity voice does not match their characters?
Danny Glover -- Jethro
Helen Mirren -- Tuya
Val Kilmer -- God
Steve Martin -- Huy
2. How about their singing voices?
Donna Murphy -- Tzipporah
Sally Dworsky -- Miriam
Linda Dee Shayne -- Tuya
Brian Stokes Mitchell -- Jethro
3. Which of the following Ancient Egyptian temples was the building the slaves build in the intro loosely based on?
Temple of Edfu
Temple of Khonsu
Medinet Habu
4. How do Ramses and Moses get in trouble after their chariot races?
Breaking the nose off Seti's sphinx
Ruining the papyrus fields
Destroying a sand dam behind a temple
Drawing a smiling face on the sphinx
5. What does Moses not claim jokingly what will happen if Ramses takes over the throne?
Pyramids will fall apart
The Nile River will dry up
Statues will crackle and topple over
Sand storms will bury the entire kingdom
6. Moses ends up running into Miriam and Aaron, who claim that he's their long lost brother. Well, it's actually Miriam who tell him this, but anyway... When does Moses realize that he is adopted?
When he notices the basket he was kept inside
When Miriam sings the lullaby
When he notices Miriam’s face is similar to that of Yocheved
When he comes across the hieroglyphs on the wall
7. Why did Seti’s guards sacrifice all the male Hebrew babies?
Ramses needed possible options for wives
The children were the purest and weakest beings
The children could grow up to overthrow the empire
Seti wanted to have more Egyptian men than Hebrew men
8. Which Egyptian god does Ramses want to have built as a limestone statue in the revised temple?
9. A sandstorm has buried Moses up to his head. Later, a mysterious camel comes in to pull him out. Whose camel is it?
One of Seti’s guards
A bandit
10. Moses spends most of his adulthood with Tzipporah, Jethro and the Midianites. What doesn’t happen during his progress?
Moses performs a birth on a sheep
Moses helps build a tent
Moses learns to worship the Midian God
Moses and Tzipporah get married
11. In The Prince of Egypt, they don’t specify how long Moses spent with the Midianites. How long has he spent in the Bible?
20 years
30 years
40 years
50 years
12. Moses meets the Burning Bush, resembling God, the guide to Moses’s ancestors, except:
13. To prove the powers of God, Moses turns his staff into a snake. What happens to Hotep and Huy’s snakes?
They turn back into staffs
They disappear after the magic act
They slither away from the palace
They get eaten by Moses’s snake
14. Since Ramses refuses to set Moses's people free, Moses unleashes a plague upon Ramses's borders. Which is not part of Moses’s curse?
A fire shower
Locusts swarming a crop field
The food dissolves into dust
The herd of cattle, sheep, and oxen starve to death
15. Moses has always gotten Ramses in trouble. Remember that time when Moses replaced the head of the hippo on the crocodile and the head of the crocodile on the… ?
16. What is the name of Ramses’s son?
Ramses III
It never says
17. Why did Moses have every Hebrew stain their doors with lamb’s blood?
God is about to kill all the firstborns
To create a decoy for Ramses guards who will kill the newborns
To create a symbol for rebelling against Ramses
To prevent the frog plague from spreading their houses
18. What was Ramses last personal words to Moses before they finally split?
“Leave me!”
“Please, Moses, get out of my sight!”
“You and your people have my permission to go.”
19. How does God block Ramses’s men from attacking Moses’s crowd?
Bolts of lightning
An earthquake
A sandstorm
Tornado of fire
20. As the Hebrews walk across the Red Sea, what does one girl see swimming in the water?
An eagle ray
A humpback whale
A spinner dolphin
A dugong
21. It would be cliched to add a question about the Ten Commandments. But, instead, I’m going to give you this one. Who says (or rather sings) the last lines of the film?
22. Let’s end with a question about the music. Dreamworks hired this Tony Award-nominated lyricist, known best for writing the music for this other religious musical.
Jesus Christ Superstar
King David
Fiddler on the Roof

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