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How Well Do You Know: The Jungle Book (2016)
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1. Which character narrates the story?
Raksha the wolf
Bagheera the panther
Baloo the bear
Mowgli the man-cub
2. In the opening scene of the film, Mowgli is racing against:
A bear
A tiger
3. What phenomenon makes Peace Rock accessible to the animals?
A drought
A flood
A fire
A fallen tree
4. What is the name of the truce that comes about when Peace Rock emerges once again?
Weeks Truce
Water Truce
Sun Truce
Peace Truce
5. What part of Shere Khan bears the marks of what a grown man can do?
His face
His ear
His tail
His hind legs
6. Following Shere Khan's threat against the wolves, who decides Mowgli should leave the pack?
Akela, the leader of the pack
Raksha, Mowgli's wolf mother
7. Bagheera tells Mowgli to bow down to these animals, who created the jungle:
8. Shere Khan attacks Bagheera and Mowgli:
Crossing a river
In tall grass
Climbing rocks
Walking across tree branches
9. Shere Khan kills Akela by:
Crushing him in an avalanche
Throwing him into a stampede
Throwing him off the rock
Slashing his throat
10. Who eventually tells Mowgli that Shere Khan killed Akela?
King Louie
11. Where is Mowgli when he first hears the voice of Kaa the snake?
In a river
In a tree
On the jungle floor
On a rocky hill
12. Kaa reveals to Mowgli:
That Bagheera killed his father
That his mother is still alive
That his father is still alive
That Shere Khan killed his father
13. What saves Mowgli from being crushed by Kaa?
A bear
A panther
A wolf
An ape
14. Baloo's first question to Mowgli: "Can you_______?"
15. Baloo, to Mowgli: "Kid, that's not a song - that's ________"
A slogan
The Bear Necessities
The truth
16. As in the original version of the film, the majority of The Bear Necessities is sung while Mowgli and Baloo are:
Climbing trees
Playing hide-and-seek in a cave
Floating down a river
Running from bees
17. Mowgli is awakened by elephants trumpeting in distress. What is the cause?
Shere Khan approaches
A young elephant has fallen into a pit
A young elephant has fallen into the river
The edge of the jungle is on fire
18. Mowgli is pouting when he is snatched and carried away by King Louie's monkeys. Why is he pouting?
Baloo tells him to leave
He has had a dream about his real parents
He has grown impatient to get to the man village
Bagheera has scolded him
19. At their first meeting, King Louie gives Mowgli:
A golden cup
A map
A small rock
20. Bagheera and Baloo's plan to rescue Mowgli from King Louie hinges on:
Baloo and Bagheera attacking King Louie at the same time
Baloo sweet-talking the apes
Bagheera blinding King Louie
Bagheera attacking the other apes
21. It's suggested that King Louie meets his end by being:
22. Mowgli reaches the man village but turns back after stealing:
A spear
A torch
A gun
23. Mowgli confronts Shere Khan, only to realize:
He has started a fire in the jungle
His wolf mother is dead
Men pursuing Mowgli have started killing animals
Shere Khan is now afraid of him
24. Who leads the final assault against Shere Khan?
The wolves
25. A _________ spells doom for Shere Khan.
Concealed trap
Felled tree
Sharpened stick
Broken branch

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