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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 19: Michael's Birthday
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Michael's Birthday

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1. In the pre-credit clip, into what type of scam is Michael unwittingly trying to get the staff to invest?
A pyramid scheme
The Nigerian money scam
The Can recycling weight scam
The Spanish Prisoner scam
2. Coinciding with Michael's birthday, something was wrong with Kevin. What was it?
His dog died
His mother died
He may have skin cancer
He may have a brain tumor
3. What did Michael bring in for his birthday?
Noise makers
A pony
4. According to Kelly whose was the "saddest funeral ever" (along with her sister)?
Mother Teresa
Marilyn Monroe
Princess Di
Barbara Streisand
5. Michael mistakes a female of what occupation to be a stripper?
A delivery woman
A police woman
A cleaning woman
A waitress
6. For lunch, Michael gets the staff what type of food (that they disdain)?
Chinese food
Ice cream sandwiches
7. What was wrong with Michael's cake?
It was chocolate, and he hates chocolate
It was too small
He had to cut it himself
There was no trick candle
8. Pam gets into trouble at the store by:
Marking down everything with the pricing gun
Stealing PEZ dispensers
Talking over the PA
Riding in a shopping cart
9. Where does Michael take the office?
To a zoo
To a skating rink
To Chuck E. Cheese's
To Hooters
10. Who does Michael meet during the staff outing?
Sally, who he used to date
Carol, who sold him his condo
Linda, his doctor

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