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How Well Do You Know: The Sting
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The Sting

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1. The title cards which announce each section of the film recall which venerable publication?
The Saturday Evening Post
Poor Richard's Almanac
Life Magazine
Mad Magazine
2. The film takes place primarily in what state?
New York
3. What was Hooker's first name?
4. In the film's opening, Hooker was able to swipe the money that Lonnegan's courier was carrying by hiding the dough in his:
5. The amount that Luther and Hooker stole from the courier was:
6. Gondorff works with a woman named Billie (Eileen Brennan), who operated a __________ located above a _________.
Burlesque theater / laundromat
Bond office / church
Brothel / midway
Saloon / police station
7. What physical feature distinguished Lonnegan?
He was shorter than 5 feet
He had red hair
He walked with a limp
His left hand had four fingers
8. How did Hooker learn about Henry Gondorff?
His stripper girlfriend used to date Gondorff
The dirty cop Snyder dropped his name
Luther referred Hooker to him
Gondorff was Hooker's sister's ex-husband
9. Gondorff and company thought that The Wire would work on Lonnegan, because:
It was strictly a West Coast operation
It was out-of-date
Gondorff himself invented it
It was the most complicated scam there was
10. The Wire involved betting on what type of event?
Car races
Boxing matches
Poker games
Horse races
11. The train where Gondorff took Lonnegan in poker was the Century Limited, which ran from:
New York to Chicago
Kansas City to Boston
St. Louis to Denver
Memphis to Baltimore
12. Gondorff laid down _________ to beat Lonnegan's hand of _______.
Aces over tens / Kings over tens
A royal flush / a straight flush
Three queens / three tens
Four jacks / four nines
13. After the poker game on the train, Hooker went to meet Lonnegan and introduced himself using what name?
Philly Jim
14. What name did Gondorff use in the con?
15. Throughout the con, the dirty cop Snyder frequently harassed Hooker and various members of Gondorff's crew. Why did Snyder never try to make any arrests?
Gondorff had too much on Snyder
Snyder was out of his jurisdiction
Snyder wanted to get cut in on the final take
Snyder was afraid of getting busted himself
16. When Lonnegan wanted to meet Hooker's "partner" who worked at Western Union, Gondorff's men were able to make temporary use of the Western Union office by pretending to have it:
17. Gondorff had once been big-time, but had run afoul of a certain agency. Who still pursued Gondorff?
The Treasury Department
The Secret Service
18. The Fed who was after Gondorff pressured Hooker into turning on Henry by threatening to prosecute:
Hooker's brother
Hooker's father
Luther's widow
19. The woman who Hooker bedded during the con posed as a:
School teacher
20. That same woman was gunned down right before she tried to
Shoot Hooker
Stab Hooker
Poison Hooker
Run Hooker over in her car
21. The movie showed brief glimpses throughout the film of the man who saved Hooker from the assassin. The man was identified by:
Black gloves
White shoes
A red overcoat
A brown fedora
22. How much did Lonnegan put down in his final bet?
$1.5 million
23. At the end of the con, why did Lonnegan lose his money?
He put the money on the wrong horse to win
The money he bet was counterfeit
He was robbed on the way to the gaming parlor
He put the money on the horse to win, instead of to place
24. Who appeared to have been shot in the "raid" at the end of the sting:
A) Hooker
B) Gondorff
C) Snyder
D) Lonnegan
A only
A and C
A and B
B, C and D
25. Scott Joplin's great ragtime tunes served as the soundtrack for the film. Which Joplin song was not featured in the film?
The Entertainer
Pine Apple Rag
Maple Leaf Rag

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