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How Well Do You Know: James and the Giant Peach
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1. Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! What is not one of James's tasks around Spiker and Sponge's house?
Pick up broken glass
Clean the gutter
Repaint the lawn chairs
Collect water from the well
2. With all the hard work done, James gets to eat dinner. What does he get to eat?
Molding cheese
Rotten courgette
Spoiled liver
Stinking fishheads
3. An old magic man gives James a bag full of green glowing things called Crocodile Tongues. Which is not one of the key ingredients that make them?
The full moon
Skull of a dead witch
Talons of a falcon
Three spoonfuls of sugar
4. The magic of the Crocodile Tongues causes the peach on an old tree to grow outrageously. So, Spiker and Sponge decide to use it for tourism revenue. How much does it cost to see the peach?
9 pounds
10 pounds
12 pounds
13 pounds
5. Which name do Spiker and Sponge not call James?
Detestable Worm
Miserable Tick
Rotten Little Grub
Dodgy Grasshopper
6. When James said that marvelous things will happen, the Glow-worm thought he was saying:
Marvelous pigs in satin
Marble machines imagine
Wondrous pig swill haggis
Marvelous twigs and branches
7. What happened to the Earthworm's brother?
He got fed to a crow
He got stepped on by Sponge's heel
He got split in half with a shovel
He got drowned in bug spray
8. How wide is the giant peach, exactly?
120 feet
130 feet
140 feet
150 feet
9. Centipede seems to know how navigate the peach. After all, he has traveled how many seas?
10. That'll teach the shark to mess with the centipede. He's from which place in New York?
11. Who manages to beat the giant mechanical shark?
12. Later that day, the peach starts to fly within the clouds, thanks to a flock of seagulls. What are the clouds in the shape of?
13. Find the finest food that doesn't match with the correct insect.
Centipede - Mosquitoes on a piece of buttered toast
Ladybird - Soil with engine oil
Glow-worm - Dragon's flesh
Grasshopper - Armadillo toe jelly
14. The Centipede lied about being a commodore. He lived in a(n)...
National Geographic magazine
Children's Atlas of the World
Atlas Section of a History Textbook
Map of the Atlantic Ocean
15. Which one of the pirate skeletons loses his head during the fight underwater?
Eskimo Skeleton
Duck Skeleton
Parrot Skeleton
Captain Skeleton
16. "Love is the sweetest thing, Love does exactly what it wants to do." Which item does not fly within the sky?
Grasshopper candle
James's paper lantern
Spinning top
Pocket watch
17. James tries "looking at the rhino another way" by standing up for himself. What is the last thing it does before disappearing?
It breaks off the picket fence stairway
It electrocutes James
It breaks the peach's stem
It snips the strings under the seagulls
18. As Spiker and Sponge attack James in New York, who calls out his name first?
19. According to the Daily News, the Grasshopper makes a debut as a concert double fiddler. Which classical piece does he play at that concert?
20. After the credits, Spiker and Sponge make an appearance at which type of game?
First person shooter
Carnival firing range
Arcade game
Pinball game

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