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How Well Do You Know: The Jungle Book (1967)
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1. Let's start off with a bit of challenge. Place the character's names and match them with the correct animal: Ziggy, Hathi, Akela, Flunkey (Absolutely no checking Wikipedia)
Wolf, Monkey, Elephant, Vulture
Monkey, Wolf, Wolf, Monkey
Vulture, Elephant, Wolf, Monkey
Elephant, Wolf, Elephant, Vulture
2. According to Bagheera, at what age would Mowgli have to be to return to his man-village?
3. Colonel Hathi is performing a check-up on the other elephants. What is wrong with elephant number 4? This includes the female elephant.
Unpolished tusks
Messy haircut
4. Aside from Mowgli, which character gets hypnotized by Kaa's eyes?
King Louie
5. Alone in the jungle, Mowgli meets Baloo, who teaches him how to act tough. Where does Mowgli punch him?
His kneecap
His belly
His nose
His jaw
6. How many times does Baloo call Bagheera "Baggy?"
7. Mowgli has been kidnapped by the Bandar-log. What prank did one of them do that angered Baloo?
It threw a pawpaw at his face
It smacked him in the face with a stick
It scratched his foot with a prickly pear
It gave him a scorpion instead of a back scratching stick
8. Let's focus on Phil Harris, the voice of Baloo. Before working for Disney, the late actor earned his success at which medium?
Film, duh!
9. Mowgli is taken to the Ancient Ruins, ruled by King Louie. What does he want from him?
He wants Mowgli to marry his daughter
He wants to worship Mowgli as a god
He wants to learn how to make fire
He wants to learn Mowgli's human nature
10. When Louie offers two bananas, how many fingers does he hold up?
It's obviously two
It can't possibly be any other number
11. What figure of speech does Baloo use to encourage Mowgli to go to the Man-Village?
Birds of a feather flock together
Birds of a feather scratch each other's backs
Birds of a feather eat prickly pears together
You wouldn't marry a panther, would you?
12. Shere-Khan is near and he's about to kill the man-cub. What will happen to Winifred if Colonel Hathi doesn't help Bagheera find Mowgli?
She will take over as Colonel
She will leave him along with her son
She will attract poachers to kill him
She will feed her son to Shere-Khan
13. Shere-Khan stops by Kaa's tree because he heard him singing to the Mowgli. However, he denies it. What's his reason for singing?
Kaa is memorizing a lullaby his mother sang to him
Kaa is dating a female snake
Kaa is trying to clear his sinuses
Kaa sings when he gets hungry
14. Remember when I asked you to name some of the animals in the first question? I need you to identify the vultures' names and their hairstyles:
  • Dizzy
  • Flaps
  • Ziggy
  • Buzzy
  1. blonde
  2. balding
  3. brown hair
  4. bowl hair
B, A, C, D
D, A, C, B
B, A, D, C
C, A, B, D
15. Do you remember how Shere-Khan meets his fate? Can you answer that without searching on the Disney Wiki page or watching the movie online? You can? Then, what is it?
Men show up to hunt him down
Colonel Hathi's elephants stampede toward him
Lightning strikes on a tree and fire spreads around him
He runs in the distance with his tail tied to a burning branch
16. While the girl in the man-village is collecting water from the river, what is her father doing?
Gathering fruit from the trees
Hunting in the forest
Building their new home
Finding medicine for her sick mother

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