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How Well Do You Know: Bulworth
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1. Jay Billington Bulworth is depressed that he's losing his bid for re-election. How much has he lost from the polls?
4 points
9 points
5 points
12 points
2. Several times in the film, Bulworth hears a sound of a "BANG," which to him indicates that his assassin is near. Which sound does not happen?
A falling cardboard cut-out cactus
A starting motorcycle
Opening champagne bottle
Cheryl and Tanya's valet car
3. Before they head to a conference at Beverly Hills, Bulworth and Macavoy, his chauffeur, drive to KFC. When was the last time Bulworth ate?
Last Friday
Last Monday
Last Sunday
Last Wednesday
4. Down at Frankie's, Bulworth meets a bartender, who confuses him with which TV celebrity?
Alan Alda
Johnny Carson
George Hamilton
Lee Majors
5. Let's talk about the soundtrack. Bulworth contains 90's rap songs, along with an occasional score by Ennio Morricone. Which is not one of the rap artist featured in the soundtrack?
Ice Cube
Ol' Dirty Bastard
Dr. Dre
6. What is the name of Constance's lover?
7. Where does Bulworth first see his assassin, the one with the black Aviator glasses?
Outside Frankie's
Outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
In the Episcopalian church
At Daver's condo
8. Which table is not mentioned during Bulworth's rap song?
9. It turns out, Nina was an assassin working for Vinnie. She was supposed to take Bulworth upstairs in the hotel room where he would get killed. How much did Vinnie promise to pay her after the mission?
10. Bulworth shows up drunk during his televised debate with Hugh Weldie. Murphy, humiliated, turns off the power. When does Murphy do this?
When Larry King shows up
When Bulworth questions the anchors why they're getting paid
When Bulworth addresses the public schools in Washington
When Bulworth tells the truth about corporations
11. After Bulworth asks Officer Mark to apologize to the crack-selling children at Compton, Bulworth asks one of them to say, “No problem, officer.” What does he say?
"Fuck your cocklickin' shit pipe."
"Fuck your mama, you fuckin' pig cocksucker."
"Fuck your mudda-fuckin' pig ass-crack mama."
"Fuck you, you hog-fucking shit-sniffer."
12. What happens during Bulworth's controversial interview?
Nina shoots him from backstage
Bulworth drinks poisoned coffee
A light rigging falls behind his chair
Murphy shuts down the power again
13. Senator Jay Bulworth is missing and the press is on the search for him. What doesn't happen during his disappearance?
Bulworth has won the senator campaign
Vinnie passed away at Cedar Sinai
Constance is sleeping with her lover
Bulworth is a candidate for President of the United States
14. Who spills the beans about Bulworth's whereabouts?
By way of explanation.....
Tanya and Cheryl were Bulworth's (in lack of an appropriate term) 'cheer-leaders'. Cheryl was the one with the blonde afro.
15. In case you remembered the true assassin who shot Bulworth in the end, you would deduce that that person is...
Eddie Davers
Graham Crockett
16. The film ends with the Rastaman wandering around Cedar Sinai urging Bulworth to "find the spirit." What John Philip Sousa piece plays in the background?
Washington Post
Stars and Stripes Forever
The Liberty Bell
Semper Fidelis March

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