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How Well Do You Know: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
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1. “I could hear the city bells ring. Whatever I would do. No, there's no place like London!” Where did Anthony Hope and Sweeney Todd sail from?
2. What kind of meat does Mrs. Lovett's rival pie shop owner Mrs. Mooney use to make pie filling?
3. Which type of mask was Judge Turpin wearing the day Lucy Barker was humiliated?
Pantalone (Long nose)
Cinghiale (Boar)
Lupo (Wolf)
Giullare (Jester)
4. In the end, how did Lucy die?
She hanged herself in her home
She got infected by a plagued rat
She drank arsenic poisoning
She got contacted with an unknown disease
5. What is Sweeney's old shaving blade made of?
6. Judge Turpin assumes that Anthony was “practiced” during his time as a sailor. Name the foreign prostitute not mentioned.
Harlots of India
Courtesans of France
Catamites of Greece
Geishas of Japan
7. To show that Signore Adolfo Pirelli's Miracle Elixir is nothing but a sham, Sweeney challenges him to a shave-off. How much does Sweeney bet for?
3 pounds
5 pounds
7 pounds
10 pounds
8. Pirelli and Tobias visit the pie shop for an intervention. It turns out Pirelli, real name Davy Collins, used to work for Sweeney. What did he used to do?
Sweep up hair
Clean up blades
Wipe mirrors
Sharpen scissors
9. Unless Sweeney pays back the money, he will reveal his true identity to Beadle Bamford. Sweeney, in retaliation, bashes his head. And what does Sweeney use to silence him?
Water pitcher
Cream tray
Tea kettle
Oil lamp
10. What does Mrs. Lovett steal from Pirelli's corpse?
His flask of ale
His bag of money
His shaving blade
His bottle of gin
11. Judge Turpin arrives for a shave, giving Sweeney a chance to kill him. The tension builds as they sing “Pretty Women.” What don't they sing about them doing?
Blowing out their candles
Sitting in the window
Sipping tea
12. Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett decide to make pies made of people. Which person his hard to eat?
13. Anthony laments as Johanna is sent to an insane asylum. Meanwhile, Sweeney Todd is killing an endless amount of people to help operate Mrs. Lovett's pie shop. Where in the following does Anthony wander first?
Slaughter house
Opium store
14. What's the secret to Mrs Lovett's meat pies? Family secret. It has something to do with some herbs. What is that herb?
15. Have you been listening to Mrs. Lovett's conversation? Of course. Then, what did she say?
She could buy a new house with the money
She would love to live with Sweeney by the sea
She wondered how attracted Sweeney was to her
She could decorate the shop with taxidermy heads
16. Anthony rescues Johanna from the asylum. Mr. Fogg arranges all the female patients in each cell by:
Eye color
Hair color
17. Mrs. Lovett, to distract him from calling Beadle, locks Tobias up in the meat grinding room. Once eating one of the pies, what human body part does he find in it?
A piece of finger
A large toe
An eyeball
A chunk of bone
18. Beadle does come to the shop after all, except he's there to inspect a foul smell coming from the chimney. What scent is he wearing?
Pure whiskey
19. Why did Sweeney throw Mrs. Lovett in the burning oven?
She was about to put Lucy in the oven
She was about to call the police about the murders
She lied about Lucy being dead
His insanity was so great that he pushed her in by accident
20. Out of all the characters, which one survives in the end?
All of the above
21. Let's move on to Broadway. The role of Sweeney Todd onstage is meant for someone who sings:
22. In the film version, Adolfo Pirelli's real name is Davy Collins. Surely, the same would be in the stage version, right?
Wrong! His name was David Cornwallis
Wrong! His name was Daniel O'Higgins
Wrong! Adolfo Pirelli was his real name
23. Before the film version, a revival premiered in 2005. Where did that version play in New York?
St. James Theatre
Shubert Theatre
Brooks Atkinson Theatre
Eugene O'Neill Theatre
24. Like all long-running Broadway musicals, Mrs. Lovett on stage was played by a number of actresses. Who did not play her?
Sheila Hancock
Christine Baranski
Sophie Thompson
Angela Lansbury

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