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How Well Do You Know: Punch-Drunk Love
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1. In the beginning of the film, we see Barry Egan "chatting" on the phone with Healthy Choice Products employees about a coupon. What part of the coupon is he concerned about?
The faulty bar code
The short expiration date
The overly-estimated value of flight miles
The lack of location variety
2. Barry has seven sisters and they invite him to a party during work. Identify each sister who invites him in order. A. Kathleen B. Rhonda C. Elizabeth D. Karen
B, C, D, A
B, A, C, D
B, A, D, C
B, D, A, C
3. On which Healthy Choice food does Barry first see the frequent flight mile promotion?
Can of Chicken Noodle soup
Chicken Teriyaki TV dinner
Oven-roasted Chicken
Salisbury Steak Complete Meal
4. Barry, desperate to talk to someone, calls a phone sex hotline. Where does Barry live?
Beverly Hills
Sherman Oaks
5. Why does Barry hang up on Georgia?
Georgia is bribing money from him
Georgia wants to call his "girlfriend"
Georgia stole his credit card information
Georgia gathered his work phone number
6. Barry calls his accountant to give permission to cancel his credit card. What kind does he own?
American Express
Capital One
7. Throughout the film, Barry's tie changes color. Which is not one of the colors?
8. What kind of car does Lena drive?
Geo Metro
9. Dean, the owner of D & D Mattress in Utah, is set up to be the antagonist. What don't Dean and Barry have in common?
They wear shades of blue
They can't control their insecurity
They own a harmonium in their office
They own small businesses
10. During his date with Lena, Barry tells her about a radio personality that listens to couple's problems. What's the name of the radio advice guru?
Boy Wonder
Dr. Love
Mr. Truth
DJ Justice
11. What is the most insane thing about buying pudding for the Healthy Choice promotion?
The promotion doesn't work on the vanilla pudding
The pudding only promotes 50 flight miles
The bar codes are on the individual cups
The pudding costs more than the chicken teriyaki
12. What room does Lena live in?
13. Barry goes on the run from the four blonde men from Utah, who forced him to pay them. He does a specific dive in front of a red arrow. Which chain restaurant is he in front of?
Dairy Queen
Baskin Robbins
Fosters Freeze
14. How long does it take to process a huge supply of pudding to Barry's office?
3-4 weeks
6-8 weeks
7-8 weeks
A whole two months
15. During Barry's trip to Hawaii, the color red shows up throughout the trip. Which is not colored red?
Lena's dress
The stewardesses' uniforms
Barry's tie
The "Waikiki" singers
16. When was the last time Lena has been in a relationship?
3 months ago
4 weeks ago
6 months ago
7 weeks ago
17. At her hotel, Lena exchanges pillow talk with Barry. Which is not one of them?
I wanna smash your face with a sledge hammer
I wanna rip out your tongue and chew it like gum
I wanna bite your cheek and chew on it
I wanna scoop your eyes out, and then eat them
18. Lena and Barry get involved in a car collision. Which part of her body is badly injured?
Her arm
Her leg
Her ribcage
Her head
19. What does Barry bring with him on his trip to Utah?
The harmonium
The pudding
The hammer
The receiver
20. Barry visits Lena at her apartment, who's upset that he left her at the hospital. How will Barry make it up to her?
He'll help heal her head wound
He and she will travel to anywhere she wants
He'll take her out to a special dinner
He'll tell everything that happened to his sisters

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