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How Well Do You Know: Ben-Hur
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1. During the reign of Emperor Augustus Caesar, he issued a decree for his people to return to Judea. Why were they sent there?
For records
For social separation
For religious persecution
For taxation
2. The opening title features a painting by this Renaissance artist.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Sandro Boticelli
Raphael Sanzio da Urbino
3. Sextus remembers Messala's father well. What was his occupation?
4. According to Messala, how do you fight an idea?
Become a governor
Let people worship you
Use your imagination
With another idea
5. Which is not part of the glory of the human race?
6. Messala and Judah go to the court and reminisce about the times they used to be there. Everything's just the way it was when they left, except...
The fountain that used to be a dry well
The statue of Jupiter nearby the stairway
The columns have Ionic order instead of Corinthian order
The olive tree near the courtyard was chopped down
7. Messala brings Judah's sister, Tirzah, a present from Libya. What did he give her?
A necklace
A brooch
A pair of earrings
A bracelet
8. Judah and Messala start an argument that inevitably ends their friendship. Messala believes in Roman leadership and power while Judah believes in faith and people's freedoms. What does Messala refer to Judah's followers as?
9. Simonides has made a surprise visit from Antioch and has brought gifts for Judah's family. Which is not one of them?
Amber and Jade
Iberian wine
Silk fabric
10. Judah gets accused of murdering the Roman governor Arrius. What fell on top of him?
A banner
A statue
Pieces from a column
Roof tiles
11. For his crime, Judah is sentenced to be a slave for galleys. How long has Judah, now named number 41, been rowing for ships?
2 years
3 years
4 years
1 year
12. Which command requires the fastest rowing?
Battle speed
Ramming speed
Combat speed
Attack speed
13. The Macedonian pirates attack the galley and Judah is set free. What does he do first after the ship crashes into the galley?
Rescues Arrius from drowning
Frees the other slaves
Fight the pirates
Strangle the flogger
14. What reward does Governor Arrius give to Judah?
His brooch
A position at the chariot race
A chalice of water
His ring
15. Pontius Pilate seeks to govern Judea, after a failed attempt to reign which city?
16. How many wives does Sheik Ilderim have?
17. Judah, after many years, returns home to find it in ruins. What did not happen since his departure and imprisonment?
Ester has completely forgotten him because Judah betrayed her
Simonides was tortured and released from prison
Romans took many of the riches and property
His mother and sister were killed in the dungeon
18. Messala and the keykeeper go to the dungeon and find Tirzah and Miriam. Are they truly dead? What happened?
Yes, they have executed by the Roman guards
No, they are spending their final years starving
Yes, they died of starvation
No, they are suffering from leprosy
19. Miriam and Tirzah visit Esther at night and make her promise to do something. What is that promise?
She must love Judah whether he changed or not
She must never tell Judah that she saw them
She must pray to The Lord to cure their leprosy
She must bury them in Judah's courtyard when they die
20. Where does the scene after the Entr'acte take place?
The Coliseum
The Forum
A bathhouse
An aqueduct
21. How many times has the Roman Tribune won in the chariot circus before?
22. Why does Sheik Ilderim give his Star of David to Judah before the race?
It was his personal good luck charm
It represents Judah's and Sheik Ilderim's victory
It is used as a brooch and holds up Judah's paludamentum
It reminds Judah of his family as it will help him win
23. The number of laps is representative of figures above the tracks. What figures are they of?
24. Put these cities, which represent the different chariots, in order of their defeats and runner-ups: A. Alexandria, B. Messina, C. Carthage, D. Cyprus, E. Rome, F. Corinth, G. Athens, H. Phrygia, I. Judea
A, C, H, G, D, F, B, E, I
G, A, C, D, H, B, F, E, I
C, D, B, F, A, H, G, E, I
F, H, G, B, E, A, D, C, I
25. What were Messala's last words before his death?
"The enemy destroyed"
"Look for them in The Valley of the Lepers"
"The race is not over"
"They're not dead"
26. At the gathering of Jesus's followers, who does Judah run into?
27. Betrayed by the Roman Empire, he gives up his citizenship and runs home. Esther shows up and gives him an aspiring saying. Which section of the Bible is it from?
28. Judah finally reunites with Miriam and dying Tirzah. Who do they meet on their journey to Nazareth?
A street merchant
Another leper
A peddler
A blind beggar
29. Judah and his family finally see Jesus on trial and about to be crucified. When do we, the audience, see Jesus's face?
On the hills of Nazareth
During his trial
During his crucifixion
30. Returning home, Judah finds Miriam and Tirzah cured. He then quotes from The Lord, which can be found under Luke in The Bible. Which chapter can it be found?
Chapter 9
Chapter 14
Chapter 20
Chapter 23
31. This film was based on a book, one penned by a man who served in this famous war.
American Revolution
Mexican American War
American Civil War
French-Indian War
32. Ironically, many of the Israeli and Jewish characters are played by white American or British actors. Which character was played by an actual Israeli person?
Sheik Ilderim
33. We can't have a Ben-Hur quiz without addressing the extraordinary amount of Academy Awards the film received. It tied with the most Oscars with The Return of the King and Titanic. Which category did ALL three Best Picture films NOT win?
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Mixing
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
By way of explanation.....
While Ben-Hur and Titanic won for its cinematography, Return of the King did not win. Master and Commander won that award instead.

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