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How Well Do You Know: Gran Torino
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1. Which is one of the reasons why Walt's sons don't celebrate Thanksgiving together anymore?
Traffic collision
Broken down car
Broken birdbath
Delayed flight
2. Walt Kowalski once served in the US Army in 1952 and battled in North Korea. Under which division?
296th Brigade Support Battalion
7th Infantry Division
2nd Infantry Division
1st Cavalry Division
3. Walt glares at Mitch's car, thinking Mitch should have bought an American one. What model was it?
4. Meanwhile, next door, the Hmong family is having a celebration. What is it?
Another funeral
A wedding
A pedobaptism
New Year
5. Later, we meet Thao, who's interrogated by Latin gangsters. He's "saved" by his cousin Spider. Where is his namesake tattoo?
Right forearm
Left calf leg
Back of his neck
Right ankle
6. Father Janovich comes to visit Walt at the bar to talk about Dorothy's promise. What does he order?
Bloody Mary
Tom Collins
White Russian
Gin and Tonic
7. Why specifically did Mitch call Walt?
He wanted to borrow his sledge hammer
He wanted to get football tickets
He wanted to borrow money for Ashley's college
He wanted to fix Walt's house
8. Aside from his trademark M1 Garand, Walt owns another firearm. Which model?
Colt MK IV Series 70
Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless
9. What is not one of Martin's racial remarks and insult names to Walt?
Son of a bitch
10. Let's read the horoscope. “This year, you have to make a choice between two life paths. Second chances come your way. Extraordinary events culminate in what might seem to be an anticlimax.” What are Walt's lucky numbers?
58, 23, 55, 14, 99
84, 23, 11, 78, 99
84, 34, 22, 86, 34
84, 23, 66, 78, 44
11. During the party, Sue teaches Walt about Hmong culture. Which is not one of her teachings?
Hmong people grin and smile when being yelled at
Hmong people do not give direct compliments to children
Never touch a Hmong person on the head
Don't look at a Hmong person right in the eye
12. Thao now works for Walt to repay for trying to steal the Gran Torino. What's the first task he has Thao do?
Move the neighbor's tree stump
Repaint Walt's house
Clean the gutter
Count the birds on the tree
13. When did Dr. Feldman retire?
2 years ago
3 years ago
4 months ago
5 weeks ago
14. Which is not one of the tools Walt lets Thao borrow?
Duct tape
Vise grip
15. Which is not one of the Asian racial insults used in the film?
16. During an interview with Tim Kennedy, Head of McKay Constructions, how much does Thao have to pay for fixing his vehicle?
17. After getting beaten up by Spider's gang, Thao is given permission to borrow Walt's tools. What does he need?
Roofing hammer
Tape measure
18. After Thao's date with Youa, Spider and the gang shoot up Thao's house. What kind of guns are they using?
Agram 2000's
Mac 10's
19. After getting shot, Thao vows revenge against Spider, but Walt wants him to calm down. When does Walt want him to visit?
3 o'clock
4 o'clock
5 o'clock
9 o'clock
20. To Martin's surprise, Walt wants a shave. How much does he pay?
21. What is not one of Walt's confessions?
Walt was never close with Mitch and Steve
Walt killed an innocent Korean person at war
Walt kissed a girl at a party while Dorothy wasn't watching
Walt didn't pay taxes after selling a motor boat
22. What happens to Father Janovich during Walt's sacrifice?
He gets shot by Spider's gang
Smoke bats him in the face
He gets locked in Walt's basement with Thao
The police confiscate him
23. What was the last thing Walt seemed to have done before getting shot?
Drink a beer
Pull out his gun
Smoke a cigarette
Chew tobacco
24. Which character wanted to inherit Walt's Gran Torino?

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