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How Well Do You Know: Rent
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FYI, I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of the film version of Rent. While the main songs were there, I thought the direction didn't transfer well with the tone in many scenes. I posted the quiz because I loved the Broadway musical and I wanted to share that love to everyone on this site. I'm not bad-mouthing the staff for posting the film version because they put so much effort and time into making this and they're such awesome people. I'm saying I love the staged version better.
Joggler49 9/13/16 9:15 pm


1. Mark and Roger live in the corner of 11th Street and Avenue B. What did their apartment used to be?
Film studio
Art museum
Music studio
2. The structure for Maureen's new performance art show is derived from which nursery rhyme?
Jack Be Nibble
Hey Diddle Diddle
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
Jack and Jill
3. Where does Mimi work?
Strip club
Dance club
4. How did Roger's past girlfriend April die?
She overdosed on prescription pills
She slit her wrists
She hanged herself in Roger's apartment
It doesn't say
5. How does April die in the film?
She overdosed on prescription pills
She slit her wrists
She hanged herself in Roger's apartment
It doesn't say
6. Angel Dumott Schunard, the latest member of the Alphabet City Avant-Garde, claims that a woman told her to shut her neighbor's yapping dog, Akita Evita. What does Angel refer to it as?
7. Why did Maureen call Mark to her stage before her gig?
She wanted him to fix up some lighting cues
She needed him to help run through her lines
She had him help Joanne with sound equipment
She wanted to hire him as a replacement for Joanne
8. Who taught Mark how to tango?
French Ambassador's daughter
Shoemaker's sister
Florist's niece
Rabbi's daughter
9. Maureen explains that she had a dream of a place called Cyberland. She met a cow who couldn't produce milk, but instead...
Root Beer
Mountain Dew
Red Bull
Diet Coke
10. At the Line Cafe, the waiter unsuccessfully shoos The Bohemians out, as they order, but don't buy. Mark denies it and claims to have bought what?
11. What object in the musical and film serves as a symbol for Roger and Mimi's relationship?
Red ribbon
Matching jackets
12. "Take Me or Leave Me." What were Maureen and Joanne arguing about?
Ideas for a performance art show
Who's gonna pay the rent after their marriage
Why women find Maureen attractive
Maureen's flirting with other women
13. What doesn't happen without you?
The stars shine
The boys run
The breeze warms
The moon glows
By way of explanation.....
According to the lyrics to the song, the stars don't shine, they gleam.
14. Aside from Angel, who else dies in the musical?
15. Which unit of measurement is not mentioned in the most famous song in the musical?
Cups of Coffee
16. The musical was based on "La Bohème," an opera written by this person.
Giuseppe Verdi
Georges Bizet
Giacomo Puccini
Gennaro Astarita
17. Songwriter Jonathan Larson passed away in January 25, 1996, this many months before Rent received four Tony Awards.
1 month
3 months
4 months
5 months
By way of explanation.....
The 50th Tony Awards were presented in June 2. Rent received Best Musical, Best Featured Actor in a Musical, Best Original Score, and Best Book for a Musical.
18. Fun fact! Roger's character was named after and based on a real person. The man would be known for this theatrical work.
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Starlight Express
By way of explanation.....
Larson's friend, Roger Bart, would win a Tony for playing Snoopy in that musical years later.
19. Which of the original Broadway cast does not make an appearance in the film as their respected roles?
Wilson Jermaine Heredia - Angel
Fredi Walker - Joanne
Taye Diggs - Benny
Anthony Rapp - Mark
20. What is one of the changes made in the film version.
Maureen dumps Joanne in the end
Angel is alive
"Goodbye Love" was cut short
Mimi does die in the end

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