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How Well Do You Know: Anchors Aweigh
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1. Seaman Clarence Doolittle and Gunner's Mate Joe Brady are awarded Silver Stars for their heroic work. What did they do?
Clarence healed a war wound on Joe's firing arm
They rushed the Captain aside saving him from a missile attack
Joe dived overboard to rescue Clarence after an explosion
They rescued the Rear Admiral from an explosion at the poop deck
2. Because of their teamwork, Joe and Clarence are heading to Hollywood. One day, they will meet Lola Laverne. On the other hand, dames have been known to...
Eat a lot
Talk too much
3. Clarence has been following Joe because he can't find a girl. He had a job at St. John the Divine in Brooklyn. What was that job?
Choir boy
Assistant choirmaster
Assistant conductor
Assistant prompter
4. Let's focus on the boy, Don Martin, who wants to join the Navy. Where does he live?
1060 Woodland Dr.
944 N. Alpine Dr.
334 Whittier Dr.
1515 Foothill Road
5. Because Don is too young to join the navy and wandering on the streets alone, Joe takes him to his aunt's house. But one problem! It's locked! How are they going to get in?
Through the second floor window
With Aunt Susan's key that Don keeps around his neck
The open back door
Through the garage door
6. One of the officers has got a date with a girl, leaving Joe to look after Don. Joe doesn't take it well. The officer must think Joe's going out with a...
7. It turns out Aunt Susan is a background actress seeing an opera. Which one is she seeing?
La Bohème
Il barbiere di Siviglia
Madama Butterfly
8. Joe was supposed to call Lola at twelve o'clock. But he was late. He was supposed to call how many hours ago?
1 hour and 5 minutes
1 hour and 16 minutes
1 hour and 20 minutes
3 hours and 5 minutes
9. 9. How long has Joe been on the raft?
24 days
30 days
48 days
50 days
10. In the lyrics “If You Knew Susie,” Joe and Clarence come up with made-up words to rhyme with Susie. Which is not one of the words?
News see
11. Susan, Clarence, and Joe go to a Mexican restaurant on their first date. What does she order for all three?
Carne Asadas
12. The main arc for Susan is that she wants to be a singer, just like her idol...
Xavier Cugat
José Iturbo
Tito Guìzar
José Alfredo Jiménez
13. At school, Don imagines that Joe is in a land of cartoon animals. But one problem, the king outlaws singing and dancing. Which animal is the first to tell him so?
14. Here's a very easy question. In the most famous scene in the film, Joe investigates the king sitting alone on his throne. Which cartoon character did MGM get to play the king?
Scroll down
And you'll find the answer
Jerry the mouse
Oh, you missed the answer!
15. Clarence is on the run from a security guard at MGM. Where does he hide behind?
A women's wardrobe
A harp
A studio door
A piano
16. Clarence finally meets José Iturbo who's tuning a piano in the studio. He plays a piece that bares a striking resemblance to a song that Clarence listened to. Which song is he talking about?
Tonight We Love
If You Are But a Dream
Full Moon and Empty Arms
I Don't Want to Walk Without You
17. Which composer wrote that piece?
Franz Liszt
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Pytor Tchaikovsky
Frederic Chopin
18. The Waitress from Brooklyn hears that Clarence is going on a date with Susan. What does she do that spoils his date?
She tips the candle while serving drinks
She spills salsa all over Clarence
She squirts salad dressing on Clarence
She pours hot soup on Clarence
19. Joe dances with a little Mexican girl while pondering about his love life. Where don't they dance around?
A pottery store
An art gallery
A candle store
A fountain
20. The next day we see Joe and Clarence at the Hollywood Bowl to meet José during rehearsal. How many pianos are present?
21. Before Clarence and the waitress finally kiss, she tells him something important. What is it?
She has auditioned for a role with José Iturbo
She spilled the soup because she was jealous
She is visiting her family in Brooklyn
She is Lola Laverne
22. In a fantasy sequence between Joe and Susan, what does he imagine himself as?
Romeo Montague
Cyrano de Bergerac
Rene d'Herblay (Aramis)
23. Joe realizes that he forgot about the audition for Susan. He and Clarence decide to wait by José Iturbo's door. Who comes in the next morning?
Mail carrier
Flyer passer
24. The long-waited question awaits. Where can you see Lola Laverne?
In the audience at José Iturbo's concert at the last scene
One of the actresses in the opera scene
One of the concert pianists at the Hollywood Bowl
Trick question; we don't see Lola
25. Don Martin would eventually sign up, not for the Navy but for TV. He would earn a military rank and a new name:
Sergeant Richard Baker
Admiral Al Calavicci
Colonel Phillip Green
Captain Merrill Stubing

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