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How Well Do You Know: Octopussy
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The movie opens with Bond infiltrating an airbase in an unnamed Caribbean country. How?
By hiding on the undercarriage of a truck
By impersonating a high-ranking officer who looks exactly like Bond, only with a moustache
The woman he is travelling with distracts the guards with her legs, giving Bond time to sneak in
With his blond hair, blue eyes and plummy accent, Bond fits right in

Bond is rumbled at the air base and taken away in a truck. He promptly escapes using the guard's parachutes, a horse-float and what mode of transport?
A horse
A dune buggy
A speedboat
The world's smallest jet aircraft
A reception at the British Embassy in East Berlin is rudely interrupted by a mortally-wounded 009 dressed as a clown. What does he die trying to deliver?
A code machine
A diamond
A Fabergé egg
Juggling balls

Back in London, Bond is called to M's office and finds that Moneypenny has a new assistant. What is her name?
Penelope Smallbone
Penelope Smallbush
Penelope Smallmouth
Penelope Smallpants

Bond's assignment is to go to a Sotheby's auction to identify the seller of a Fabergé egg, which is advertised in the auction brochure as:
Property of a Lady
The Hildebrand Rarity
Scrambled Eggs

Bond follows the egg's buyer, Kamal Khan, to India. His local contact, Vijay, identifies himself to Bond by:
Greeting him at the airport
Buying him a martini, shaken, not stirred
Playing the Bond theme music on a snake charmer's flute
Saying the code phrase 'Would you like a ride in my tuk-tuk?'

Rocking the white tuxedo, Bond catches Kamal Khan cheating at what game?
Pai Gow

On losing 200,000 rupees to Bond, Kamal Khan's advice to his opponent is:
Your luck will change sooner than you think, Mr Bond.
You play a dangerous game, Mr Bond.
Spend the money quickly, Mr Bond.
Sleep lightly, Mr Bond.

After leaving the casino, Bond is attacked by Kamal's men. Where does he get the sword from?
A sword salesman
A sword swallower
A sword maker
The dude with the sword that he just punched out

Kamal goes to visit the mysterious Octopussy on her island. He is transported there by barge, powered by scantily-clad women rowing to the chant of:
In! Out!
One! Two!
Stroke! Stroke!
Pull! Pull!

Magda meets Bond for dinner and has his photo taken, telling him "It's for my scrapbook. I collect... memories." Bond's response is:
Well, let's get around to making a few.
Will I be joining them soon?
At my age, I understand completely.
Well, I think you have some very nice mammaries already.

Bond is captured by Kamal and invited to dinner. What's the main course?
Chilled monkey brains
Curried goat's feet
Python vindaloo
Stuffed sheep's head

Who does Bond invite in for a nightcap?
Magda, then Gobinda

Bond escapes from Kamal's palace and sneaks onto Octopussy's island using what mode of transport?
Octopussy's barge
Crocodile submarine
Fishing boat

Why does Octopussy invite Bond to be her guest for a few days?
Bond served with her father in the Royal Navy
Bond allowed her father to commit suicide instead of arresting him
Bond killed her father and she wants to keep him close for revenge
She's into older men – they remind her of her father

Kamal: "You seem to have this nasty habit of surviving." Bond replies:
You know what they say about the fittest.
I'll just have to live with that.
Merely delaying the inevitable.
I'm James Bond, bitch!

Jewelery-smuggling is her main business, but Octopussy has diversified her business empire into:
Cruise ships

Why isn't Q worried that Bond hasn't been seen since he went to Octopussy's island?
Because he's more worried about getting his crocodile submarine back in one piece
Because the homing detector in Bond's shoe is working
Because Bond always turns up alright
Because Bond is on an island exclusively populated by beautiful women. Duh!

In addition to the snappy military uniform above, Bond has several wardrobe changes over the course of the movie. What outfit does he not wear?
Clown outfit
Gorilla costume
Pirate clothes
Safari suit

General Orlov plans to detonate a nuclear bomb at a US airbase, and believes Western Europe will respond by:
Invading East Germany, where his tank divisions will be waiting to crush them
Ending diplomatic relations, and other pitiful sabre-rattling
Doing nothing, because the West is ideologically weak
Unilaterally disarming, because everyone will think it was an American bomb

General Orlov is eventually killed by:
General Gogol
Border guards
An octopus

Octopussy does not feature death by:
razor-sharp yo-yo
acid-filled pen
bed of nails

In the circus, Mishka and Grishka are:
Trained bears
Trapeze artists
Identical twin knife-throwers

After foiling Kamal's plans, Bond follows him to India, arriving at his palace by:
Hang glider
Balloon with the Union Jack on it

In Ian Fleming's short story Octopussy, Bond is sent to arrest Major Dexter Smythe, an army officer who stole a cache of Nazi gold. Bond has a personal stake in the arrest because Smythe killed his:
friend and colleague, 009
ski instructor
massage therapist

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