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How Well Do You Know: The Conjuring 2
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1. In the scene that opens the film, in the house where a ma killed her family, Lorraine is lured to meet Valak by:
A little boy
The family pet
A glowing light
2. Meet the Hodgsons, an English family whose father left long ago, and whose youngest son:
Walks with a limp
Is partially blind
Is missing an arm
3. It's suggested that a spirit board helps usher the spirit into the house. Where did the spirit board come from?
The Hodgson boys find it one day in the basement
It belonged to their father
One of the Hodgson girls made it
Mrs. Hodgson used to play with it as a girl
4. The kids play with a careeeeeppppy zoetrope and sing a song about a __________ that foreshadows the events of the film:
Hooded nun
Crooked man
Red-haired lady
Bent little girl
5. The first time we hear the demonic voice, it says during the middle of the night:
Death is coming for you all
There will be no escape
You will never awaken
This is my house
6. One of the Hodgson sons has a tent set up:
In the basement
In the upstairs hallway
Just off the kitchen
In the attic
7. At the Warrens', we see a representation of Valak:
On a TV show
As Lorraine draws it while sleeping it
After Ed has painted it
Scrawled mysteriously on the hallway wall
8. Janet Hodgson offers as proof that things are a little weird at the house the fact that she has been bitten:
On the neck
On the shoulder
On her hand
On her leg
9. Officially freaking the F out, the Hodgsons run out of their house and flee to:
The church vicarage
A hotel room
Their neighbors' house
10. Police investigate the Hodgsons, and decide "yep, we're outta here" when they see a:
Door being torn off its hinges
Chair sliding across the floor
Light bulb spontaneously bursting into flame
A TV flying across the room
11. In the Warrens' house, who is the first to see Valak?
Ed and Lorraine's daughter
Ed and Lorraine's housekeeper
12. Previous owner of the Hodgsons' house, Bill Wilkins died in this location:
In the upstairs hallway
At the kitchen table
In Janet's bedroom
A chair in the corner of the living room
13. Who petitions the Warrens to intervene in the Hodgson case?
A priest
Mrs. Hodgson in person
Janet Hodgson by phone
Maurice Grosse
14. As a test to prove that Janet is not making the demonic voices, she must:
Hold a candle next to her mouth
Be gagged
Hold water in her mouth
Go to sleep
15. The voice of Bill Wilkins: I am not a ________ man
16. Janet does this before bed, saying that it helps her sleep (it totally doesn't work):
Ties a cord around her wrist
Crawls under her bed
Hides under the covers
Crawls into her wardrobe
17. Even having tied a cord around her wrist before she goes to bed, Janet wakes up sleeping on ceiling in the:
Living room
18. Somehow transported into a locked room, Janet sees the crosses on the wall:
Burst into flame
Start to turn upside down
Sport demonic faces
Fall off at once
19. In the locked bedroom, Janet is nearly strangled by:
Her own hands
A belt
20. It's not a Conjuring movie without a lavish song and dance number. In this film, Ed leads the Hodgsons in a sing-along with a tune made famous by:
Dolly Pardon
Frank Sinatra
Stevie Wonder
21. The spirit attacks Ed as he is helping Mrs. Hodgson with this household task:
Fixing a creaking board
Fixing leaking pipe
Boarding up a broken window
Lighting the furnace
22. Video footage seems to confirm that Janet is faking the whole episode when a camera catches her:
Breaking windows
Smashing things in a kitchen
Cutting the electricity to the house
Practicing her "Bill Wilkins" voice
23. About to board the train to leave England, Ed plays a message from Bill which, played backwards, says:
You must leave now
It won't let me go
Run before it's too late
I'm not speaking now
24. Lorraine realizes she has written Valak's name:
On the bottom of her shoe
On a card in her purse
In her bible
On the wall of her house
25. Lorraine saves Ed from being impaled by a/n:
Fence spike

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