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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 16: Valentine's Day
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The Office: Valentine's Day

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1. To the disdain of the other female office workers, who receives a steady stream of gifts throughout the day?
2. Michael takes a trip to make a presentation in front of the new CFO. What is his name?
William Blumberg
David Wallace
Roy Emerson
James Castle
3. Dwight receives a gift which excites him greatly. What was it?
A package of beet seeds
A Battlestar Gallactica comic book
A certificate for a free back rub from his cousin Mose
A Dwight bobble-head
4. Michael's "favorite New York pizza joint" is:
Famous Original Ray's
Papa John's
5. Which two office workers "totally, finally" hooked up the night before Valentine's Day?
Creed & Meredith
Ryan & Kelly
Pam & Roy
Dwight & Angela
6. Michael believes that he sees Tina Fey on the street. Trying to chase her down, he misses which actual celebrity walking by?
David Letterman
Rudy Guiliani
Hillary Clinton
Conan O'Brien
7. Why did Michael end up spilling the beans about him and Jan?
He was defensive about the quality of his presentation
One of the other office managers were bad-mouthing Jan
His heart could not contain his joy
The new CFO tricked him into disclosing the secret
8. Michael's report to the CFO consists primarily of a video of the office staff. What song is used as the soundtrack for the film?
With or Without You
Hot for Teacher
Every Breath You Take
Everybody Wang Chung Tonight
9. Dwight: "Women are like:"
10. What did Roy promise to Pam as her Valentine's Day present?
Helping her set her fantasy football team
A dinner consisting of both a Big Mac and a Whopper
The best sex of her life
To let her use the dishwasher for all the dinner dishes

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