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How Well Do You Know: Brooklyn
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1. Eilis works in shop owned by Miss Kelly who lets Eilis go when:
Eilis serves a customer Miss Kelly has banned from the shop
Eilis makes fun of Miss Kelly behind her back
Eilis's mother snubbed Miss Kelly at church
Eilis tells Miss Kelly she's moving to America
2. On the first night on the boat, Eilis gets terribly seasick, which is compounded by the fact that:
Her cabin-mate is even sicker than Eilis
The bathroom has been locked
She has forgotten which cabin she is in
She is in First Class when she starts to get sick
3. At the first dinner shown in Mrs. Kehoe's boarding house, Mrs. Kehoe objects to conversation about the Lord's:
Love life
4. At Bartocci's, Eilis's supervisor Miss Fortini confronts Eilis about being:
Constantly late for work
Not conversant with the customers
Bad at making change
Overly familiar with the customers
5. Eilis first meets Father Flood on a day she's particularly upset about:
Being reprimanded by her supervisor
The weather
Losing an earring
Receiving a letter from her sister
6. Father Flood sponsors Eilis to take classes in:
Public policy
7. What charitable endeavor does Eilis undertake?
Teaches immigrant schoolchildren
Serves holiday meal to the downtrodden
Volunteers at a hospital
Organizes a clothing drive for the homeless
8. Mrs. Kehoe offers Eilis the chance to move to the basement, the best room in the house - because:
It has its own entrance
It is the warmest
It is the quietest
It has its own bathroom
9. Eilis's life changes when she meets Tony at a dance - a dance she came to:
By herself
With a girl from the house
With a girl from work
With Mrs. Kehoe
10. By trade, Tony is a:
11. According to Mrs. Kehoe, the eighth deadly sin is:
Wretched table manners
12. After dinner with his family, Tony tells Eilis, "I love you." How does she respond?
She kisses him on the forehead
"Thank you for the evening"
"Thank you for saying that"
She pretends not to hear
13. Tony and Eilis celebrate her passing her exams by going to:
Coney Island
Long Island
Niagra Falls
14. Eilis learns this from Father Flood about Rose's death:
Rose had been making preparations to come to America
Rose had known she was sick but didn't tell anyone
Rose had been pregnant
Rose hadn't been able to afford medicine
15. Tony shows Eilis land where he wants to relocate:
In Connecticut
On Staten Island
In Manhattan
On Long Island
16. Back in Ireland, news of this event might keep Eilis longer than she expected:
Irish residents are barred from entering the US
A wedding
Her mother's health is failing
17. While in America, Eilis said she missed everything about Enniscorthy except:
The food
The men
The weather
The quiet
18. Eilis learns that Rose's name will be given to:
An apse in the church
A bluff overlooking the ocean
A trophy for a golf tournament
The street running by Eilis's mother's house
19. From whom does Tony gets help with letter to Eilis?
Father Flood
His mother
His father
His young brother
20. We see many letters that Tony has written to Eilis:
Put away unread
Responded to immediate
Read and then thrown away
Burned before having been read
21. Jim Farrell proposes to Eilis that she stay:
At a wedding
When he surprises her at work
At a dance
At dinner with his family
22. Who finds out that Eilis was married back in America?
Miss Kelly
Eilis's mother
Eilis's friend Nancy
23. What happens between the conversation with Miss Kelly and Eilis telling her mother she's married?
She goes to confession
Eilis goes to see Jim Farrell
Eilis calls Father Flood
She makes a reservation for the next boat back to America
24. What happens after Eilis tells her mother she is returning to America?
Eilis's mother refuses her to return
Eilis's mother says goodbye to Eilis immediately
Eilis's mother begs her to take her to America also
Eilis's mother loses her temper and starts breaking dishes in the kitchn
25. Eilis tells Jim she is going back:
Through a phone call
When they meet face-to-face
By asking Nancy to relay the message to him
In a letter slipped under his door

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