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How Well Do You Know: Lights Out
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1. Paul, who is killed in the introduction of the film, is what relation to the movie's heroine Rebecca?
Older brother
2. The warehouse in which Paul is killed has quite a few of these:
Baby cribs
Floor lamps
3. Rebecca and her boyfriend Bret have been seeing each other for a while, but she's hesitant to afford him any kind of commitment. She even undoes his play to leave this in her dresser:
Pair of boxers
4. Rebecca's young brother Martin finds his mother Sophie talking to an unseen person in:
The kitchen
The attic
The basement
Sophie's bedroom closet
5. Rebecca is called to Martin's school to get him because:
He has been getting into fights in school
He has been absent from school
He has been falling asleep in school
He has unexplained scratches on his neck and back
6. Rebecca is alarmed when she first hears the name Diana spoken in the film by:
Her boyfriend Bret
Her mother
The social worker at the school
Her brother
7. The first night Martin stays with Rebecca, she thinks she hears him during the night. In point of fact, what she hears is Diana:
Scratching on the floor
Writing on a mirror
Unscrewing the lightbulbs in the house
Taking doors off hinges
8. And minutes after she first sees Diana in her apartment, Rebecca finds Martin:
Under her bed
In her closet
In her bed
In the bathtub
9. So, aside from her name, what did Diana carve into Rebecca's floor?
A stick figure
A knife
The moon
A star
10. As a child, Diana was plagued by a problem with:
Her eyesight
Her speech
Her height
Her skin
11. Sophie and Diana's bond first started:
At Sophie's wedding to Rebecca's father
In a hospital
At their childhood homes
In a graveyard
12. Sophie turns out all the lights and tells Martin the story of her and Diana when she and Martin are enjoying:
A movie night
Pumpkin carving
An arts and crafts night
Cleaning out the attic
13. Diana's father killed himself, leaving this message scrawled in blood on the wall
Beware the child
She is in my head
She won't stop
Don't turn out the light
14. After Rebecca gives her take on the Diana tale, Diana grabs Martin from:
Inside a closet
Under the bed
The ceiling
Behind a curtain
15. Rebecca, Martin and Bred decide to stay the night at Sophie's with the express goal being:
Killing Diana
Protecting Sophie
Proving Diana isn't real
Trapping Diana
16. When Rebecca tells Sophie she is staying the night, Sophie passes to Rebecca a note saying:
Get out now
Don't turn out the lights
She's right behind you
I need help
17. As the film goes on, there are several suggestions that:
Diana killed Rebecca's father
Diana never really existed
Diana was Rebecca's sister
Diana and Sophie are actually one and the same
18. Going outside the house, Bret realizes:
Diana is going to burn the house down
The power is out for the entire block
Sophie is going to kill her children
The only way to kill Diana is with UV light
19. In one of the better scenes in the movie, Diana drags Martin across the hallway floor as he is holding:
A cell phone
A flashlight
A glow stick
A candle
20. All too late, Rebecca realizes that she and Martin have been trapped:
In the shed
In a closet
In the basement
In the attic
21. After Diana attacks Bret, he:
Kills Sophie
Finds a way to turn the power back on
22. Sophie, to Diana: There's no ________ without _______
Darkness / light
Us / them
You / me
Rest / sleep
23. What does Rebecca see on the basement walls using the black light?
Drawings of stick figures
Handprints and claw marks
A drawing of Rebecca executing the family
24. What do Rebecca and Martin use in the basement as a source of light, that Diana is able to defeat?
Glow sticks
A fire in a stove
25. Diana is finally done in when Sophie kills herself by:
Throwing herself out a window
Hanging herself
Electrocuting herself
Shooting herself in the head

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