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How Well Do You Know: Ghostbusters II
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1. What dangerous event happens to Dana's baby at the beginning of the film?
He walks away from her into traffic
He is kidnapped
His stroller flips over
He's in a runaway carriage
2. Winston and Ray try to entertain a group of kids at a birthday party. The kids turn on them and demand to see ______ instead.
3. Peter now has his own reality show about ______.
Ghost hunters
Mind readers
Pet whisperers
4. What kind of business does Ray now own?
A antique store
Computer repair
A book store
Classic car shop
5. Peter makes fun of the name Dana gave her son. What did she name him?
6. The guys get arrested pretending to be _____.
Police officers
Security officers
Construction workers
7. Where is the monster Vigo located?
A historical museum
A wax museum
An art museum
The hall of science
8. What does Vigo want Janosz to do for him?
Give him a baby
Free him from the painting
Find him a wife
Kill the Ghostbusters
9. The Ghostbusters discover a river of _____ slime underneath the city.
10. Janosz comes over to Dana's home attempting to come in. What freaky thing happens to him as he leaves?
He hoovers above the ground
His eyes become bright lights
He opens his mouth to expose fangs
His skin glows red
11. The Ghostbusters are put on trial by a skeptical judge called _____.
The Hammer
The Train
The Anchor
The Bull
12. Lewis, the Ghostbusters' defense attorney, argues that the Ghostbuster are really good guys. He says, "Because one time, ________ and they helped me. Thank you"
A demon made me the key master
My apartment was destroyed by a giant marshmallow man
I turned into a dog
This ancient demigod tried to kill me
13. What is quickly discovered about the pink slime?
It reacts to touch
It taste like bubble gum
It's kills you if you touch it
It reacts to people's mood
14. What household item do the Ghostbusters put the slime in to test their theories on it?
A coffee maker
A toaster
A blender
A radio
15. The slime response positively to music. What musician is its favorite?
Marvin Gaye
Smokey Robinson
Al Green
Jackie Wilson
16. Peter gets kicked out of the museum for attempting to do what to Vigo's painting?
Paint a kitten on it
Paint a rainbow above his head
Paint him a happy face
Paint "Peter was here" on it
17. Dana expresses her concern of Vigo's painting. What does she think he's doing?
Growling at her
Trying to grab her
Smiling at her
Stepping out of it
18. What household item tries to attack Dana and Oscar?
The stove
The refrigerator
The television
The bath tub
19. Vigo is known better by his stage name: Vigo the ____ of Moldavia
20. How did Vigo die in his human form?
Hung and shot
Stretched and disembowled
Poisioned and stabbed
Are you kidding, all of the above and he's still not dead
21. When Egon and Ray are examining the pictures they took of Vigo, what do they see in the background?
The sign of the devil
Dead bodies
The river of slime
A lake of fire
22. How does Vigo's spirit attempt to kill Egon and Ray?
Setting the room on fire
Filling the room with water
Taking all the oxygen in the room
Filling the room with poisonous gas
23. What attempts to stop Ray, Winston, and Egon as they look for the river of slime?
Skeletons running down the tunnels
A ghost train
The ghost of dead construction workers
A large subway rat
24. Lewis is very proud of his babysitting skills. He claims he practiced on his _____.
G I Joe
25. What musician did a cameo asking for a proton pack?
R Kelly
Bobby Brown
Keith Sweat
Johnny Gill
26. Janosz, dressed like ____, steals baby Oscar from a ledge.
A nun
A nanny
A nuclear power plant worker
A nurse
27. What symbol, in the Ghostbusters' opinion, is good, decent, pure and appeals to the best in everyone?
The American Flag
A puppy
A baby
The Statue of Liberty
28. Lewis is forced to take the bus to the museum. Who is driving?
A skelton
A ghost bus driver
A headless man
29. In a montage of the city filled with spirits, ghosts can be seen fleeing what historical wreck?
The Titanic
The USS Arizona
The Hindenburg
The Carpathia
30. What finally weakens Vigo enough to free his hold on baby Oscar?
The crowd praying outside
Shooting the pink slime at him
The Ghostbuster crossing streams of their proton packs
The crowd singing outside
31. BONUS QUESTION!! Okay, so maybe you know Ghostbusters 2... really, sorta...... or not very well. So, do you know its theme song? Bobby Brown sang the song, On Our Own, for the sequel. In the video, 4 celebrities can be seen in it. Which celebrity is NOT in the video?
Christopher Reeve
Magic Johnson
Donald Trump
Super model Iman

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