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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 12: The Injury
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The Office: The Injury

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1. Michael burned his foot on:
A radiator
A curling iron
Hot coals
A George Foreman grill
2. What foodstuff was responsible for Michael's injury?
A Hot Pocket
3. In his haste to go rescue Michael, Dwight crashes his car exiting the parking lot, gets out of the car and:
Blacks out
Runs to Michael's house
Grabs a bicycle and rides to Michael's house
4. Entering the office, Michael had _______________ wrapped around his foot.
A plastic bag
Bubble wrap
Ice packs
Towels smeared with butter
5. Ryan brings Michael lunch, but fails to get what item that Michael wants?
Milk Duds
6. Which of the following was not a sign that something was really wrong with Dwight?
He forgot what he was saying mid-sentence
He typed his name over and over and over on his computer
He was helpful to Pam in demonstrating things about her music player
He made a pass at Phyllis
7. Michael fell while he was in the bathroom. Which two people members stood outside the door but didn't go to Michael's aid?
Toby & Ryan
Creed & Oscar
Stanley & Kevin
Jim & Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
8. When he does not get much sympathy from the staff, Michael pulls the staff into the conference room to lecture about disabilities. On the wall are posters from Forrest Gump and which other Tom Hanks movie?
Cast Away
Joe vs the Volcano
Sleepless in Seattle
9. The guest lecturer for the disability symposium is:
The Scranton mayor
The manager of the office park
A janitor at the local high school
An airplane pilot
10. What item did Jim use to keep Dwight awake on the way to the hospital?
An air horn
A spray bottle
A taser
A feather

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