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How Well Do You Know: An American Tail
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1. It's 1885 in Shostka, Russia. The Mousekewitz's are celebrating...
Christmas Day
Yom Kippur
2. Papa tells a story to Tanya and Fievel. Tanya guesses that he's telling the one about the...
Mouse invading a house that belongs to a family of cats
Seven tiny worker mice bonding with a female mouse
Female mouse falling in love with an ugly, beastly rat
Mouse rescuing a female mouse with her incredibly long hair
3. Every time the mice head into the ship, Fievel has to curiously point out something, except:
The smoke from the ship
The rope
The ocean
The seagulls
4. What kind of cat attacked the Irish mouse's girlfriend?
5. At the Mouse Gardens, what did the immigrant employees name Tanya?
6. We meet Henri, a French pigeon, who's in the middle of building...
The Empire State Building
The Chrysler Building
The Brooklyn Bridge
The Statue of Liberty
7. So far, Warren T. Rat has made $89.13. How much money has he lost today?
5 cents
25 cents
50 cents
60 cents
8. Every time Fievel hears his family call him, it turns out to be something else. Which is an exception?
The sound of Papa's violin comes from a Victrola
Mama's call comes from someone else
Tanya's singing comes from one of the worker mice
The sound of Papa's violin comes from Warren T. Rat's
9. One of the cats sneaks up to eat Fievel behind a box of...
Bread crumbs
10. Bridget, Tony and Fievel go to see Honest John, who's attending a funeral for a dead mouse. What was his name?
Mickey O'Hare
Donald Fitzgerald
Sean Brennan
John Lasseter
11. Where do Gussie Mouseheimer and her followers meet to build the secret weapon?
Dr. Lazzarius's Mystical Beast Emporium
Professor Plutonium's World of the Strange
Joseph Ripley's Home of the Exotically Weird
Professor Digitalus' Museum of the Weird and Strange
12. Tiger and his cat friends are playing poker, although he thought they were playing...
Go Fish
13. I don't what's worse, the music or the Shakespeare. What play was Warren T. Rat misquoting?
The Tempest
King Lear
Henry IV Part I
14. Where is that cargo ship that will trap the cats heading to?
Hong Kong
15. As it turns out, Tiger wants to be friends with Fievel. What do they not have in common?
They like eating broccoli
They like butterflies with golden wings and blue/green tips
They like Swiss Cheese ice cream
Their favorite book is The Brothers Kara-mouse-ov
16. Who publicly reveals Warren's true identity?
Gussie Mouseheimer
17. In case you forgot, the secret weapon was mainly inspired by...
The Largest Rodent in Shostka
The Giant Mouse of Minsk
The Humongous Rat of Moscova
The Huge Shrew of Kiev
18. How do the Mousekewitz's realize that Fievel is still alive?
The smell of Swiss Cheese ice cream
When Philly and Fievel are the same person
Mama finds Fievel's hat
Tanya finds Fievel's burnt clothes
19. Let's go through this question before I get teary-eyed. Which character winks at the camera?
The Statue of Liberty
20. Which song was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song?
There Are No Cats in America
Never Say Never
Somewhere Out There
A Duo

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