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How Well Do You Know: The Meaning of Life
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1. The Crimson Permanent Assurance is a short film about accountants turning into...
2. What's the name of the fish being eaten?
3. How much is the most expensive machine in the hospital?
£ 3/4 million
£ 1/2 million
£ 1/2 billion
£ 1.6 million
4. What religious group is not allowed to spill their sperm?
5. Which is not an alternative name for a condom?
French Ticklers
Black Mambos
Roman Predators
Crocodile Ribs
6. What did the Midianites do in Ram Gilead in Kadesh Bilgemath?
Drank the goat's blood and feasted on the flesh
Killed and buried the elder Midianite
Got their haircuts and moved their clothes onto the lower peg
Slew goats and placed them in little pots
7. What is one of the ways to get the vaginal juices flowing?
Biting the neck
Kneading the buttocks
Stroking the thighs
All of the above
8. Who gives Blackitt an ormolu clock?
No one
By way of explanation.....
If you read the question, or recognize the soldiers' names, carefully, Blackitt (Eric Idle) is the soldier giving the ormolu clock to Biggs (Terry Jones)
9. Which soldier would rather play the piano than march up and down the square?
10. What we're looking for here is I think, and this is no more than an educated guess, I'd like to make that clear, is some multi-cellular life form with stripes, huge razor-sharp teeth, about eleven foot long and of the genus ________. What we doctors, in fact, call a tiger.
Felis Carnivorus
Felis Horribilis
Panthera Tigris
P. T. Amoyensis
11. Which is not one of the reasons that the two men are dressed as a tiger?
They're on a mission to attack the Tsarist Ashanti Chief
They're shooting a commercial for coffee
They're attempting a new method of attacking the Zulus
They found it in a bicycle shop in Cairo
12. Welcome to the Middle of the Quiz. Here, we'll ask you to find the fish. Where is it?
Behind the sofa
In the bureau drawer
In the cupboard
It never tells us
13. When a tourist couple enters the reception desk, who are they greeted by?
A concierge dressed as a goldfish
A maitre d' dressed as Little Bo Peep
A waiter with green skin and an elephant head
Two secretaries in a pantomime horse costume
14. Who could most likely not be a philosopher?
Arthur Schopenhauer
Selina Jones
Friedrich Nietzsche
Emmanuel Kant
By way of explanation.....
There's no 'S' in Emmanuel Kant
15. What is the fastest light speed in the galaxy? (mpm= miles per minute)
12 million mpm
10 million mpm
9 million mpm
2 million mpm
16. Why don't souls develop over time, according to The Very Big Corporation of America?
They develop only on the good
They exist only on people who believe in souls
They disappear when people reach adulthood
They get distracted by everyday trivia
17. Which flamboyant celebrity is singing in the restaurant?
Noel Coward
Graham Payne
Peter Allen
18. Et maintenent, monsieur, we have les appetifs. Today, we have for appetizers, except:
Pate de Foie Gras
Tart de Poireaux
Oeufs de Caille Richard Sheperd
Nicoise Terrine
19. Before becoming a cleaner, Maria went on to working in libraries trying to discover the meaning of her existence. But she accomplished nothing from it. As she got older what condition got worse?
Lower back
A and B
20. Why did Gaston become a waiter?
To make people happy
To support his family
To earn a chance of living
To follow his dreams of owning a restaurant
21. What was Arthur Charles Herbert Runcie MacAdam Jarrett executed for?
Showing his John Thomas on cinema
Masturbating in the strip club
Making sexist jokes on film
Having an intimate affair with the Prime Minister's daughter
By way of explanation.....
Please don't kill me for this last option, Margaret Thatcher's daughter. I was trying to make a joke option that might have been mentioned in the film, and therefore would make sense in context with the political satire in 1983. If that offended you in anyway, I apologize if I crossed the line.
22. Death points out that the dinner guests died from the Salmon Mousse. Angela must have used ____ salmon.
23. Who sings a Christmas tune at the end?
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Tony Bennett
Bing Crosby
24. During Christmas, which movie plays twice an hour on TV?
It's a Wonderful Life
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
A Christmas Carol
The Sound of Music
25. The film was a huge hit at the Cannes Film Festival in 1983. Which award did it win?
Grand Prix
Camera D'Or
Palme d'Or
Un Certain Regard
26. Final question!! What is the meaning of life?
Never waste a single sperm
Read a good book now and then
Make the world happy by becoming a waiter
I'm not telling you, you bleeding blaggard!

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