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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S06E09: The Battle of the Bastards
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1. Tyrion tells Daenerys a story about her father's intentions for King's Landing when the Lannister army was at his gates. What were they?
He would have burned every one of his citizens with Wildfire hidden throughout the city.
He would have killed all the first-born children.
He would have sacrificed his own family in order to keep ruling.
He would have surrendered. That's why Jaime killed him.
By way of explanation.....
They don't call him the Mad King for nothing.
2. The slavers have some conditions for the surrender of Meereen. They demand all of the following except...
That she put to death all of her dragons
That Daenerys will marry the richest of the three slavers
The return of Missandei to the slavers
The return of the Unsullied to their true owners.
By way of explanation.....
This is the one about the misunderstanding.
3. The slavers are forced to make a choice. What is it?
Where in the seven kingdoms they'll be banished.
Which dragon will kill all three of them.
Which one of them will die.
Which one of them will marry Daenerys.
By way of explanation.....
Grey Worm goes another way with it.
4. Rather than have their armies fight, Jon Snow suggests that he and Ramsay...
Have their own duel to determine who wins Winterfell - just the two of them
Join forces to fight the Lannisters
Join forces to fight the White Walkers
Negotiate over mead and mutton
5. How does Ramsay prove to Jon and Sansa that he has Rickon as his prisoner?
He has one of the men throw a direwolf head on the ground in front of them
He pulls a hood off a person who had been standing in the background
He shows them a drawing of the boy as proof of life
He shows them a pile of nut shells that Rickon had smashed
By way of explanation.....
Poor Shaggydog.
6. Before she leaves the parley, Sansa makes Ramsay a promise. What is it?
"My brother is going to kill you."
"Winterfell will never belong to you."
"You're going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton."
"You will never see the son I'm carrying."
7. When Jon asks Sansa how they should get Rickon back, what is her answer?
"I'll send Brienne after him."
"It must be done now, under cover of night."
"We'll never get him back."
"While the battle is going on, send Davos into Winterfell to sneak him out."
8. What does Tormund suggest he and Davos do to pass the evening before the battle?
Drink grape water
Drink sour goat's milk
Walk and think
9. What is Melisandre's advice to Jon Snow?
"Be afraid."
"Don't lose."
"Have faith in the Lord of Light."
"Wait. Don't go into battle yet."
10. Ser Davos makes a terrible discovery. What is it?
Jon Snow seems to be decaying.
Sansa is pregnant with Ramsay's child.
Shireen was burned by Melisandre.
White Walkers are watching.
11. What does Tyrion remember about the last time he saw Theon at Winterfell?
Theon was a great chess partner.
Theon was in cahoots with Cersei and Jaime.
Theon was making jokes about Tyrion's height.
Theon was sleeping with Roz.
12. After a brief flirtation, Daenerys forges an alliance with...
Brienne of Tarth
Ellaria Sand
Euron Greyjoy
Yara Greyjoy
13. It's time for yet another In Memoriam segment. In this episode, all of the following people die except...
Ramsay Bolton
Rickon Stark
Tormund Giantsbane
Wun Wun
By way of explanation.....
Let's pour out a 40 for... well, Rickon and Wun Wun, anyway.
14. Whose army arrives late in the battle, turning the tide against Ramsay?
The Blackfish's
The Night Watch's
By way of explanation.....
I suppose it's technically Robin Arryn's, but we all know the real deal.
15. Even though they're his dogs, Ramsay's hounds attack and kill him because...
Bran wargs into them and commits the deed
He hasn't fed them for seven days.
Sansa has figured out how to give them commands.
They've covered him in cow's blood.
By way of explanation.....
Hoist by his own petard.

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