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How Well Do You Know: Eddie the Eagle
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1. First see young Eddie Edwards, he is:
Racing the family dog
Holding his breath under water
Sliding down the stairs on a rug
Juggling scissors. Well, *trying* to juggle scissors
2. Young Eddie has affliction that affects his;
3. Which of Eddie's parents, if either, are supportive of Eddie's dreams of Olympic glory?
His mother is supportive, his father is not
His father is supportive, his mother is not
Both parents are equally supportive
Neither parent is in any way supportive
4. Young Eddie tries to take up track. Which pursuit is he not shown failing somewhat comically at?
Pole vaulting
Hammer throw
5. While giving various athletic pursuits a try, youthfully exuberant Eddie repeatedly:
Breaks his glasses
Chips a tooth
Breaks his nose
Breaks his arm
6. Eddie starts having some success with this winter Olympic sport:
Speed skating
Downhill skiing
7. In the film, the winter Olympics will be in:
Lake Placid
8. His heart set on ski jumping, Eddie heads to the world training headquarters in this country, which you may have heard of:
9. The top athlete in ski jumping has this nickname:
Icy Italian
Flying Finn
Soaring Swede
Downhill Dutch
10. The restaurant owner Petra finds Eddie sleeping:
Behind the bar
Under a table
In the storeroom
In a restroom
11. Eddie first successfully lands a jump from a jump of this length:
5 meters
25 meters
15 meters
20 meters
12. Where does Eddie seek out the other jumpers, rather awkwardly, for advice?
In the sauna
In their hotel room
At the very top of the ski jump
In a hottub
13. Eddie first sees Bronson Peary:
Hitting on the female pub owner
During a fistfight
Wrestling with his dog
Driving snow-grooming equipment
14. Peary constantly carries a:
15. Peary's career in ski jumping was derailed because of:
A terrible crash
Discipline reasons
Health reasons
Family reasons
16. Getting in a fight in the pub, Peary gets punched out by:
The Norwegian coach
One of the other jumpers
17. As explained by Bronson Peary, this summarizes the Jumper's Paradox:
Fast, slow, up, down
Back, hard, soft, up
Up, back, forward, down
Recklessly, carelessly, fearfully, bravely
18. Before his first disastrous trip down the 70 meter run, Eddie asks for:`
A prayer
A joke
A push
A cigarette
19. In a last-ditch effort to qualify for the Olympics, Eddie competes in a:
Para-athlete tournament
Seniors tournament
Children's tournament
Winter carnival
20. In the book written by his mentor Swift, Peary reads Swift describe him as:
His prodigal son
Dead to him
A traitor
His biggest disappointment
21. Peary asks Eddie to name his favorite female movie star. Eddie answers with:
Bo Derek
Sally Field
Greta Garbo
Sophia Loren
22. The British Olympic Committee (those bastards!) pull this dirt trick on Eddie:
They change the qualifying distance
They tell Eddie he is too short
They impose an impossibly expensive registration fee
They tell him the wrong time of departure for the flight to the Olympics
23. Peary outfits Eddie with equipment:
From his own personal collection
Pilfered from the lost and found
Stolen from the rival jumpers' lockers
From a consignment store
24. At the site that represents his last chance to qualify, Eddie:
Fails to land a single jump
Lands on a single leg
Lands a practice jump, but not the regulation jump
Successfully lands both his jumps
25. When Eddie tells Peary that he has, in fact, qualified for the Olympics,
Peary breaks down in tears
Peary tells him they should wait another four years
Peary is drunk and punches Eddie
Peary decides to sell his house
26. Eddie calls Peary this, leading to their break and Eddie going to Canada without him:
A hacking wanker
A washed-up bastard
A heartless loser
A drunk fool
27. Baited by one of his teammates, Eddie gets really, really drunk and misses:
His plane to Canada
The Opening Ceremonies
His practice jump
His first official jump
28. Which of the following is not true of Eddie getting the Eagle moniker?
He gets it by flapping his arms
It follows Eddie setting the British Olympic record
It leads to Eddie being greeted by journalists and fans with disdain
It is first used by an English broadcaster
29. Eddie seems crazy to everyone when he decided to try the king of the jump distances at the Olympics, a track of this length:
30. During the last scenes of the movie, Eddie's mother wears a sweater that reads:
Mother Eagle
I'm Eddie's Mum
Fly Eddie Fly
Eddie's #1 Fan

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