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How Well Do You Know: Kung Fu Panda 3
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1. After having spent 500 years in the _______, the villainous Kai takes the chi of Master Oogway
Dragon Realm
Darkness Realm
Spirit Realm
Darkness Realm
2. Kai keeps the stones in which he has trapped chi of other masters:
Around his waist
Around his neck
Around his wrist
Around his ankle
3. After the lesson of the Dramatic Entrance, Master Shifu announces this will be his final class. Who does he leave in charge of further instruction?
The Dragon Warrior
4. Po summarizes that the role of the Dragon Warrior as:
Being loved and tickled
Eating and napping
Sitting for sculptures and marching in parades
Punching and licking
5. When he reaches the Mortal Realm, Kai dispatches minions that are of this color:
6. Po meets his father Li Shan when the latter is:
Rolling down a hill
Taking a bath
Eating dumplings
Practicing kung fu
7. Po was given the nickname of __________ by his family at birth:
Little Lotus
Little Dumpling
Little Bamboo
Little Orchid
8. Hijinx ensue in the Hall of Heroes as Li puts on armor having belonged to master:
9. When Kai announces to the Furious Five that it is he behind the attack on the village,
Tigress demands the Furious Five disband at once
Po swears to have his revenge
Shifu trembles in fear
No one knows who Kai is
10. Shifu dispatches these two to find Kai:
Tigress and Viper
Monkey and Viper
Crane and Mantis
Tigress and Crane
11. The entrance to the secret panda village is:
Very rainy
Very snowy
Very fiery
12. The pandas in the village remark that Po doesn't know how to:
Use chopsticks
Eat dumplings
13. Mantis and Crane have their chi taken in an old:
14. Shifu and the remaining masters confront Kai:
Outside the Panda Village
Outside the Jade Temple
On a mountaintop
In a grassy valley
15. What does Kai use to destroy the Jade Palace?
A stone statue of Oogway
A stone statue of Po
Shifu's chi
An army of jade zombies
16. A baby panda forms a strong attachment to:
Po's father Mr. Ping
17. Li says that he cannot teach Po the secret of chi because:
It will destroy Po
Li doesn't know it
He has sworn not to use chi again
Po has not yet mastered his identity as a panda
18. Po translates Mei Mei's ribbon dancing skill to proclivity with:
Bamboo staffs
Blade twirling
19. The ribbons that Mei Mei dances with are of this color:
20. In discussing battle plans, Po uses foods to describe the position of the squadrons. The foods are immediately eaten. Which is not a food that Po uses?
Bean sprout
21. At their initial meeting, Po criticizes Kai for his:
Poor physique
Lack of an awesome nickname
Inability to bounce
22. Why can't Po ska-doooosh Kai using the Wuxi Finger Hold?
Po has not mastered his chi
Po is no longer the Dragon Warrior
It only works on mortals
Kai learned the defense for the hold from Oogway
23. To defeat Kai, Po must:
Make Kai a mortal
Take Kai to the Spirit Realm
Prove his chi is stronger than Kai's
Prove there is no such thing as chi
24. The pandas send their chi to Po while standing around a formation of:
Tree petals
25. Po ultimately defeats Kai by:
Infusing him with all of Po's chi
Trapping Kai as mortal in the Spirit Realm
Extinguishing Kai's chi
Awakening the chi of all the masters and uniting them to defeat Kai

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