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How Well Do You Know: 10 Cloverfield Lane
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1. Which item of significance does Michelle leave behind in the opening scene of the film?
A ring
A cellphone
A wallet
An earring
2. Where you able ID the famous actor who provides the voice of Michelle's finance, but doesn't appear in the film?
Yup, it's Brad Pitt
Sure, it's Ryan Gosling
Why yes, it's Bradley Cooper
Duh, everyone knows Seth Rogen's voice
3. When Michelle wakes up after her car accident, she is:
4. Michelle's first attempt to escape from Howard's bunker, shortly after she wakes, involves: .........
Starting a fire
Breaking a window
Shorting out a fuse
Breaking through the ceiling
5. ....and her escape attempt employs this as a weapon:
A metal pipe
A lamp base
A bed leg
A crutch
6. Where in the bunker does Michelle meet Emmett, the only other occupant?
In the pantry area
In her room
On the sofa
In the bathroom area
7. Howard makes note of a former resident named Megan. When Michelle asks about Megan, Howard responds:
Megan's coming back soon
Megan's not with us any more
We don't talk about Megan
Who is Megan?
8. As evidence of the apparently poisoned air outside the bunker, Howard shows Michelle Frank and Mildred, who are:
9. Prior to the events of the film, how did Emmett know Howard?
Howard was Emmett's football coach
Emmett was hired by Howard to build the bunker
Howard hit Emmett with his car
Emmett is Howard's son
10. Michelle steals Howard's keys when:
He berates her during dinner
Howard is taking a shower
Howard makes a pass at Michelle
Michelle dances with Howard
11. Michelle almost escapes the bunker when she sees a woman at the outer door. The woman becomes irate when Michelle won't let her in, going as far as to:
Beating her head against the door
Shooting the door with a gun
Trying to pry the door open with her hands
Smashing a concrete block against the door
12. A montage of the characters adapting to life in the bunker is accompanied to this song, which was queued up on the jukebox:
Earth Angel
Run Around Sue
Great Balls of Fire
I Think We're Alone Now
13. Michelle has to squeeze through a tight space when this system works:
The trash compactor
The water reclaimer
The ventilation
The generator
14. Michelle finds this word scrawled on glass of a hatch:
15. Michelle and Emmett begin to suspect Howard killed:
Howard's wife
The girl Howard refers to as Megan
Emmett's girlfriend
Michelle's fiance
16. Emmett and Michelle pilfer this item to make a bio-suit:
A shower curtain
A tablecloth
A mattress liner
A raincoat
17. Realizing that someone has been messing with his tools, Howard threatens Michelle and Emmett with:
A gun
18. Immediately before killing Emmett, Howard:
Proposes to Michelle
Confesses he killed Megan
Tells Michelle to turn around
Accepts Emmett's apology
19. How does Michelle remove the lock that secures the hatch?
She shoots it
She melts it
She freezes is
She picks it
20. Having escaped the bunker, Michelle sees these animals, and realizes she can remove her mask:
21. An alien-looking craft seems to be first attracted by noise made:
When Michelle tries to start a truck
A car alarm going off
Michelle screaming when she injures her leg
The bunker exploding
22. The alien craft grabs Michelle as she:
Runs across a field
Hides under the wreckage of the bunker
Is in a car
Is climbing on a roof
23. The alien ship emits this color gas:
24. Having destroyed the alien ship, Michelle drives in the direction of this city, which is where, she learns from a radio, humans are fighting the aliens:
New Orleans

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