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How Well Do You Know: Spaceballs
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1. That's a big spaceship. How long does it take for the first scene to start?
1 minute 30 seconds
1 minute 36 seconds
1 minute 43 seconds
2 minutes
2. A little something about Planet Druidia: This planet is home to Princess Vespa and it also contains the freshest air in the galaxy. How much air does Druidia contain?
10,000 years
20,000 years
40,000 years
47 gigaliters
3. Everybody got that?... Now, next question. We see Princess Vespa getting ready for her wedding. She's forced to marry a prince against her will. Who is she about to marry?
4. Whoever wrote these options needs to be fired. Ahem. Let's see. We see President Skroob as he's called in to locate the princess. What air-related product is he consuming at his office?
5. In the Eagle 5, Barf and Lone Star offer a deal with King Roland to rescue Vespa. What vehicle is she driving?
Mazda 2020 SLS
BMV 2015 RX-3
Mercedes 2001 SEL
Scirocco 2045 ZG-I-L
6. Where was Vespa last seen passing?
Altair IV
Maranga IV
Chimera IV
Jupiter II
7. Barf and Lone Star decide to 'jam' the radar on Spaceball 1. What flavor is the jam?
8. When Spaceball 1 uses Ludicrous Speed, their track leaves a trail of:
Polka dots
9. Eagle 5 is out of gas. The Winnebago has landed on the moon of Vega. Since Vespa took so many luggages, she has to take only her product of survival. What does she bring?
Her 96-carat diamond bra
Her giant hair dryer
Her giant comb
36 cans of Perri-Air
10. You've seen one princess, you've seen them all. What is not a way to call someone of Druidian royalty?
Spoiled, rotten ones
Space dogs
11. In one of the famous jokes in the film, Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz track the whereabouts of Vespa and Lone Star. They trek down a VHS copy of Spaceballs the movie. Which Star Trek movie is the scene a parody of?
The Wrath of Khan
The Search for Spock
The Motion Picture
The Voyage Home
12. On top of spoofing Star Wars and Star Trek, Spaceballs references other classic films. Which film is not parodied?
The Wizard of Oz
Lawrence of Arabia
Battlestar Gallactica
13. Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made. Which Spaceballs product is not present in the film?
Spaceballs the Shaving Cream
Spaceballs the Toilet Paper
Spaceballs the Coffee Mug
Spaceballs the Placemat
14. Lone Star reveals his back story to Vespa on where he came from. The last thing he remembers is that he came from a:
Monastery in Ford Galaxy
Mosque in Planet Caprice
Orphanage in Milton Galaxy
Church in Galaxy Jabbar IV
15. Spaceball 1 apparently has a bunch of other businesses inside the ship, except a:
16. Dr. Schlotkin is the finest nose-surgeon in the galaxy, including which city?
Sherman Oaks
Beverly Hills
Santa Monica
17. So, the combination is 1-2-3-4-5. That's the stupidest combination anyone's heard in their lives. It's the kind of thing an idiot has in his luggage. Who turns out to have the same combination?
Colonel Sandurz
President Skroob
Phillip Asshole
King Roland
18. Which prison block are Vespa and Dot captured in?
Prison Ball 28
Solitary 8
Prison Ball 9
Prison Ball 24
19. Which actor in the prison scene makes a cameo?
Wallace Shawn
Steve Martin
Stephen Tobolowsky
Matthew Broderick
20. What doesn't happen during the battle between Dark Helmet and Lone Star?
Dark Helmet attacks the best boy
Dark Helmet snatches Lone Star's ring and tosses it in the vent
Their Schwartz sabers get twisted to each other
Lone Star lops off Dark Helmet's hand
21. The self-destruct mechanism is irreversible like Skroob's...
Legal documents
Racial slurs
Political debates
22. Coming up, Pongo's review of...
Jaws 400
The Godfather Part 300
Rocky 5000
Back to the Future 20
23. The afteraffects of Spaceball 1/ Megamaid being destroyed parodies another science fiction film. What is it?
2001 A Space Odyssey
Planet of the Apes
Forbidden Planet
The War of the Worlds
24. Oh shit, here goes the planet. How much money did King Roland give to Lone Star and Barf?
25 Space Bucks
33 Space Bucks
41 Space Bucks
48 Space Bucks
25. Final question: What is Barf's full name?

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