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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 10
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1. "The Gang Beats Boggs": What causes the flight attendant to stop serving beer to the gang?
Dee gets on the flight's intercom
Dennis vomits on another passenger
Frank propositions her
Mac attempts to steal a 6-pack from the airline fridge
2. "The Gang Beats Boggs": So, who wins the contest?
3. "The Gang Group Dates": Dee's date runs for the hills after she does this.
calls him "sweetie"
talks about her desire to have children
asks him if he'd meet her friends
gives him a promise ring
4. "The Gang Group Dates": Dennis bribes the waitress with a promise ring for ________, but gets angry at her when she ________.
letting him stay at her place temporarily; tells him he will have to sleep on the couch
sleeping with him; asks him to first be tested for STDs
going on a date with Charlie; says she still has a restraining order out against him
giving him a good dating site review; says she doesn't have internet access
5. "Psycho Pete Returns": What was the name of Frank's "roommate" at the mental institution?
6. "Psycho Pete Returns": What does the gang do after discovering that Pete was institutionalized for social anxiety disorder and depression, not for killing and eating his family?
they ask him to be part of their gang
they put him on a train to Los Angeles
they introduce him to the waitress
they try to get him to kill someone for real
7. "Charlie Work": The gang, minus Charlie, are attempting to pull a scam that involves 3 items. Which of the following is not included in the scam?
live chickens
airline miles
8. "Charlie Work": Charlie is frustrated when Frank does this repeatedly.
spills drain cleaner all over the floor
flushes his clothing down the toilet
removes the bar's light bulbs
replaces the beer taps with Fight Milk
9. "The Gang Spies Like U.S.": Where do Frank and Charlie put a hidden camera in order to spy on Mac and Dennis?
in a vase of flowers
in a water bottle
inside Charlie's shoe
behind a mirror
10. "The Gang Spies Like U.S.": Dee gets a job at the business across the street from the bar in order to spy on them. What type of place is it?
massage parlor
company responsible for emptying port-a-potties
fish factory
11. "The Gang Misses the Boat": Charlie and Dee kiss - and then some - after trying their hand at:
video games
def poetry
Trivial Pursuit
12. "The Gang Misses the Boat": Frank, dressed like a man cheetah, brings this item to the newly reunited gang.
restraining orders
Kitten Mittens
a rum ham
a puppy
By way of explanation.....
Rum Ham!
13. "Mac Kills His Dad": the gang is pretty horrified when they discover that Maureen Ponderosa has had extensive plastic surgery in an attempt to look like ______.
a cat
herself as a child
Angelina Jolie
14. "Mac Kills His Dad": A suicidal Bill Ponderosa backs out on his original offer to take a murder rap for Mac's dad, instead ratting out the real murderer. He decides on this course of action after seeing this slogan on a t-shirt.
"F#*k This Noise"
"Why Not?"
"Life is Happy"
"Smell the Roses"
15. "The Gang Goes on Family Fight": How does the rest of the gang piss off Dennis during the show?
they refer to him on air as "Dennis the Menace"
they hit their buzzers repeatedly
they put their answers in question form, as though they are on Jeopardy
they shout their answers as loudly as possible
16. "The Gang Goes on Family Fight": The gang makes it to the final round, but Dee is of no help in this round - why?
she is arrested for assaulting a member of the opposing team
she faints before giving her answers
she runs into the crowd to make out with an attractive audience member
she quits the show before the final round begins
17. "Frank Retires": What position does Dennis offer Mac, assuming Dennis becomes the rightful owner of Paddy's?
vice president
head of security
18. "Frank Retires": Frank unretires after Dennis tricks him into thinking he has a son with his former maid. What's the "son"'s name?
F Bomb
19. "Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult": Dennis invented Ass Kickers United in order to prevent Mac from doing this.
drinking too much Fight Milk
cutting his hair
asking other people how he looks
eating his Thin Mints
20. "Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult": The members of Ass Kickers United are told that doing this harnesses Vitamin D from the sun into their bodies.
putting a sticker on their foreheads
getting a sun tattoo on their hands
drinking a glass of milk that has been left outside to soak up the sun
walking around naked

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