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How Well Do You Know: Ed Wood
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1. Which Ed Wood film does the pre-title sequence pay homage to?
Bride of the Monster
Night of the Ghouls
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Orgy of the Dead
2. Which Ed Wood film does Criswell's dialogue pay homage to?
Bride of the Monster
Night of the Ghouls
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Orgy of the Dead
3. What play does Ed showcase in the beginning?
Mortal Angels
Casuals of Satan
The Casual Company
Bullets of Omaha
4. Ed has the best day of his life - he met a movie star. What is not one of Dolores's guesses?
Boris Karloff
Marlon Brando
Robert Taylor
Basil Rathbone
5. Oh, to hell with you! He met Bela Lugosi. What did Ed see Bela doing while walking home?
Auditioning for a movie
Window-watching a science fiction B-movie on TV
Selling his trademark cape to a pawn shop
Purchasing a coffin
6. According to Bela, what was the problem with the 1938 production of Dracula?
Bela's cape was too short
The actor playing Harker showed up late
The actor playing Renfield got drunk
The lighting cues were delayed
7. How do you impress the lady on your date?
Hypnotize her with the White Zombie stare
Tell her that you'll suck her blood
Pretend to be an amorous vampire
Take her to see Dracula
8. George Weiss gives Ed permission to direct and write his sex-ploitation film. Ed completely changes the script as well as the title of the film. What was the original title?
I Want to be a Woman!
I Changed My Sex!
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!
Transsexual Desire
9. Who came up with the line, "Pull the string?"
Dolores Fuller
Paul Marco
Conrad Brooks
Bela Lugosi
10. On to Glen or Glenda. Which scenes do we not see Ed shoot?
Glen window-gazing at women's clothes
Bela Lugosi in a scientist's lab narrating the film
Glen reading from a women's fashion magazine
Glen's girlfriend lending him her Angora sweater
11. Which is not one of Ed's title suggestions to Mr. Feldman?
Dr. Ackula
The Blood of the Vampire
The Vampire's Tomb
The Ghoul Goes West
12. Criswell predicts that in April 19th, 1970...
America will conquer Mars
Americans will land on the moon
Puerto Rico will become the 50th state
Men will invent the concept of time travel
13. Perfect! Let's move on! Bride of the Monster is in production. The film stars Bela Lugosi and Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson. But the crew is kicked out of Larchmont Studios. Why?
Ed stole a prop from Paramount Studios
The space in the studio is too small for a big production
There is already another film shot in the same studio
Ed could not afford to repay the teller with Loretta's money
14. Ed meets an investor at a meat packaging company. He can invest in the movie under one condition...
The film has to end with a BIG nuclear explosion
He has to make a cameo in the film
His son has to star in the film as the hero
A and C
15. What movie role did Bela Lugosi turn down?
Imhotep from The Mummy
Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The monster in Frankenstein
Erik from Phantom of the Opera
16. Bunny Breckenridge had a terrible time in Mexico. What didn't happen there?
He had his luggage stolen
The surgeon was a fraud
He got into a fatal car accident
A drug dealer shot him in the leg
17. What has Bela been drinking during his homicide/suicide with Ed?
18. While Ed is checking Bela in for rehabilitation, he meets a woman named Kathy. What draws him into her that he would want to date her?
She was wearing an angora sweater
She recognized Bela Lugosi and made him black booties
She was a fan of Glen or Glenda
She watched Citizen Kane in its original release
19. What doesn't happen during the premiere of Bride of the Monster?
One audience member grabs Vampira's boobs
Ed's car parts get stolen
Criswell's wallet gets stolen
An audience member stomps on Tor's feet
20. Bela has passed away. What famous composition plays during Ed's lament? In other words, what is known as the Dracula theme?
The Firebird
Swan Lake
The Rite of Spring
Don Quixote
21. In the process of making Grave Robbers from Outer Space, Ed needs to hire a stunt double for Bela, who does Ed hire?
Ed's landlord
Vampira's husband
Kathy's chiropractor
Tor's wrestling coach
22. What issues do the producers/priests not have with making the film?
The title
The poor quality of the flying saucers
The sudden transitions from day to night
Tor's incomprehensible dialogue
23. After a meltdown in the set, Ed goes to a bar where his other idol Orson Welles sits. Here, they discuss the problems with his film and the producers wanted Charlton Heston to play a Mexican? What film is Orson talking about?
Lust for Life
The Magnificent Ambersons
Touch of Evil
Don Quixote
24. Which real-life Ed Wood actor(s) makes an appearance in the film?
Conrad Brooks -- Bartender
Dolores Fuller -- Partygoer
Gregory Walcott -- Teller
A and C
25. Which Elvis Presley song did Dolores Fuller move on to write?
I've Lost You
Rock-a-Hula Baby
You'll Be Gone

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