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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S06E07: The Broken Man
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1. Before the credits even roll for this episode, a character who had been away from the show and presumed dead returns. Who is it?
Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)
Sandor Clegane (The Hound)
Syrio Forel
Catelyn Stark
2. "The Broken Man" also features a guest appearance by a central character from a former HBO show. Who is the actor, and what show did they star in?
Damian Lewis, Band of Brothers
Ian McShane, Deadwood
Ray Stevenson, Rome
Dominic West, The Wire
By way of explanation.....
That's right, c*cks*ckers.
3. Septon Ray found the Hound when he was nearly dead, and presumed he would die at several points in the days that followed. What does the Hound say kept him going?
4. The Sparrow asks Queen Margaery about a personal matter. What is it?
He wonders if she has ever seen anything untoward between Cersei and Jaime
He wonders if she is attracted to Septa Unella (Shame! Shame! Shame!)
He wonders if she likes cats
He wonders why she hasn't joined the king in the "marriage bed" since their reunion
By way of explanation.....
Correct answer: Because he's 12.
5. The Sparrow says all of the following things about Lady Olenna, aka the Queen of Thorns, except:
She is a remarkable woman.
She is a sarcastic woman.
She is a strong woman.
She is an unrepentant sinner.
By way of explanation.....
Option 2 is true even if he didn't say it, though.
6. Margaery gives Lady Olenna a note with what symbol to show her that she is still fighting for the Tyrell family?
A lion
A rose
A sparrow
A stag
By way of explanation.....
The rose is the symbol of House Tyrell
7. Who makes the argument that ultimately convinces the Wildlings to fight by Jon and Sansa's side?
Ser Davos
By way of explanation.....
Once Tormund convinces Wun Wun the giant, everyone else falls into place.
8. What is Lord Brynden's (the Blackfish) response when Black Walder threatens to cut Edmure's throat?
"Did Ser Jaime Lannister approve that tactic, son?"
"Go on, then. Cut his throat."
"I'll shoot you in the heart before you can do that, lad."
"Who's Edmure?"
9. Who makes the argument that ultimately convinces Lady Mormont to have her men fight by Jon and Sansa's side?
Ser Davos
By way of explanation.....
Ser Davos is proving to be quite a force.
10. How many men will Lady Mormont be sending to fight?
By way of explanation.....
11. If the Blackfish had no real intention of saving his men from Jaime's impending onslaught, why did he agree to parley with Jaime?
He just wanted to make sure the drawbridge worked.
Sieges are dull.
The Blackfish just wanted a little fresh air.
The Blackfish wanted to see if Jaime really only had one hand.
12. Once Yara has finished enjoying the prostitutes of Braavos, what is her plan?
Go take over Dragonstone castle (with Stannis dead, it's easy pickings)
Join forces with Daenerys
Make amends with the Starks
Sail around the world and be pirates
By way of explanation.....
Everyone wants to get with Khaleesi
13. Sansa makes all of the following comments about Stannis except...
He killed his own brother
He lost the Battle of the Blackwater
He has no head
He was a great tactician
By way of explanation.....
14. Arya encounters a nice old lady who turns out to be...
Jaqen H'ghar
Lady Crane
Syrio Forel
The Waif
By way of explanation.....
Well, we presume it's the Waif, anyway. She's definitely stabby.
15. Our super excitement over the fact that Ian McShane is on Game of Thrones is short-lived. What is Septon Ray's fate in "The Broken Man?"
He is beheaded
He is hanged
He is stabbed in the gut (we're sensing a pattern here)
He and his followers disappear, leaving the Hound all alone

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