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How Well Do You Know: Oliver & Company
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1. Let's start with an easy one. Which part of New York is this film set? I'll give you a dog treat if you know the answer.
2. Of course, you can't have Manhattan without a bunch of product placement everywhere. Which of the famous corporations and companies can NOT be found?
Tiffany and Co.
3. Dodger's trick to living in New York is based rhythm, tempo, and beat. When does Oliver get the sense of beat?
Hearing a black man's beatbox
Driver in a taxi cab blasts the horn
A vehicle skids on the street
The vibration and sound of a jackhammer
4. How much can you purchase a pair of sunglasses for?
5. Let's talk about the musical guests. Disney has gathered some of the most popular New York-based singers for the film, except:
Huey Lewis
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel
Bette Midler
6. Inside an abandoned barge at the Hudson docks, we meet Rita, Francis, Einstein and Tito. Francis was supposed to bring the food today. Looks like the gang will be eating what, again?
Newspaper burritos
Wallet Tacos
Cardboard Asada
Sock Quesadillas
7. Dodger finally arrives with the hot dogs as he tells his story about how he got them. He says that he met an "ugly, psychotic monster." What is not part of the description?
Razor-sharp claws
Red stripes
Dripping fangs
Burning eyes
8. Fagin has to pay Sykes within exactly three days because of a bet Fagin lost. The next day, he sends his dogs and Oliver to find cash and other valuables. Where does the gang start?
Columbus Avenue
42nd Street
Washington Square Park
Times Square
9. Dodger finds a chauffeur shuffle in Manhattan. Tito and Oliver are assigned to hop in and disable the car. Inside, we meet a girl named Jenny who reads a letter from her parents to her chauffeur Winston. Why can't they make it to Jenny's birthday party?
Their flight from O'Hare to JFK Airport got delayed
They're touring a musical show in San Francisco
They are attending a conference in Rome
They're doing jury duty at London
10. “Perfect Isn't Easy” especially for this quiz. These parts of the lyrics are in Georgette's song, except:
But, c'est la vie, and I know it!
Sometimes it's too much for even me!
I have your hearts and you have my pity!
Perfection becomes me, n'est-ce pas?
11. Jenny makes her own special recipe for her new pet, Oliver. What does she call it?
Maison Foxworth avec Honey Nut Cheerios
Oeufs a la Jenny avec Cocoa Krispies
Poulet pour Oliver avec Cocoa Pebbles
Jenny Thermadore avec Corn Pops
12. Jenny lives right next to Central Park, where she often hangs out with Oliver. Where is the Foxworth residence?
144 Convent Avenue
55 Central Park West
1125 Fifth Avenue
825 Fifth Avenue
13. How many times does Tito call Francis, "Frankie" throughout the film?
14. Dodger and the gang come up with a plan to "rescue" Oliver from Jenny's house. First, they must create a diversion with Winston again. Who rings the doorbell to the house?
15. In case you can't remember, Tito's full first name is clearly:
Tomasa Ignacio Tampico Orfeo
Juanito Pedro Alonzo de Ponchito
Diego Fredrico Panchito Julio
Ignacio Alonzo Julio Fredrico
16. Fagin writes a ransom letter to Jenny staging Oliver's “kidnapping.” Fagin tells her to meet him at the docks nearby the Hudson along with the money. However, all she could afford to bring was:
Jenny's family necklace
Everything in her piggy bank
Her tooth fairy money
Georgette's fancy bowl
17. Dodger and the gang sneak in to Sykes's warehouse to free Jenny. How does Georgette blow their cover?
Dodger steps on her front paw
She breaks one of her claws
She loses her bowtie
She discovers a flea on her left ear
18. How does Sykes meet his fate and defeat?
Sykes gets run over by a train on the Brooklyn Bridge
Sykes drives into a construction site and a wrecking ball crushes him
Sykes gets electrocuted by the rail on the subway tracks
The police discovers Sykes driving in the subway and arrest him
19. It's Jenny's 8th birthday, Sykes is out of the picture, and Fagin is free from the complicated bet. All the dogs give Jenny the following gifts except:
GMC tire plate
Deflated basketball
Chewed up wallet
Broken tennis racket
20. Oliver & Company is filled with cameos from other Disney animated films. Which one does NOT make an appearance?
Princess Aurora
By way of explanation.....
Trusty [from Lady and the Tramp] appears in the 'Why Should I Worry' sequence, Princess Aurora appears in the left screen when Dodger discovers Jenny's car, and Scooby-Doo appears as a photo of one of Georgette's admirers
21. Bonus Question: What other animated film came out the exact same weekend as this one?
Pound Puppies: The Legend of Big Paw
Felix the Cat: The Movie
The Land Before Time

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