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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 9
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1. "The Gang Broke Dee": What is Dee's catchphrase?
"Go f&#k yourself, Philadelphia!"
"Where am I?"
"Joke's on me!"
"It's not easy being a loser."
2. "The Gang Broke Dee": Dee discovers her newfound celebrity is a joke pulled off by Mac, Charlie and Frank, after thinking she landed this opportunity.
a spot on Conan O'Brien's show
an audition for Last Comic Standing
a spot opening for Louis CK on his latest tour
a guest hosting gig on American Idol
3. "Gun Fever Too: Still Hot": What weapon does Mac think is a better weapon of choice to protect a school?
a saber
a switchblade
a throwing star
4. "Gun Fever Too: Still Hot": Frank admits to stirring up hype on TV so people will buy more guns, as he bought a stake in Gunther's Gun Shop. After guns, he moves on to selling this item.
water filters
face masks
fly swatters
5. "The Gang Desperately Tries to Win an Award": What is the name of the signature drink at Sudz, the bar that has won the Best Bar award?
the Shark Bite
the Blue Hole
the Super Sudz
the Honey Bee
6. "The Gang Desperately Tries to Win an Award": What did Charlie do in order to make Paddy's Pub seem like the best bar in Philly?
wrote a song about Paddy's
was interviewed on a local public access program
filmed a secret video showing the amazing Paddy's employees at "work"
took out a radio ad
7. "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare": The gang visits Frank often to get his advice on business matters. Where IS Frank?
in prison
tied to a bed
working at a carnival
stuck in playground equipment
8. "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare": Who is the sucker that Dennis and Mac, as well as Charlie and Dee, try to get involved in their business schemes?
Ben the soldier
the waitress
Rickety Cricket
9. "Mac Day": Which of the following is not one of Mac's plans for Mac Day?
going to the planetarium
making a video called "Project Badass"
planting flowers in the local church's garden
greasing up muscle men
10. "Mac Day": The rest of the gang does this to prove to Mac that he's not the badass he thinks he is.
signs him up for a karate tournament
sends his "Project Badass" video to Tosh 2.0
hooks him up to a lie detector test
sets him up on a blind date with a female MMA fighter
11. "The Gang Saves the Day": In Dee's fantasy, she's married to ________ for 17 minutes before leaving him for ________.
Matt Damon; Ben Affleck
Josh Groban; Brad Pitt
Justin Timberlake; Antonio Banderas
George Michael; Ricky Martin
12. "The Gang Saves the Day": Charlie's fantasy is very similar to the events of this movie.
"The Avengers"
"Fatal Attraction"
"The Sound of Music"
13. "The Gang Gets Quarantined": Mac gets a rip in his airproof suit after _______ in a convenience store.
fighting with Charlie
doing dance moves
tripping and falling onto a pocket knife
practicing the Karate Kid's crane kick
14. "The Gang Gets Quarantined": Frank goes to the hospital after shaving himself and covering himself in ________.
post-it notes
shaving cream
metallic spray paint
hand sanitizer
15. "Flowers for Charlie": Dee gets her hand stuck in a glue trap meant for a rat. How does she get un-stuck?
a rat gnaws her hand loose
Mac cuts open the wall so she can pull her hand (and the trap) free
the fire department cuts her free
she lets go of the trap
16. "Flowers for Charlie": What does Charlie's "invention" do?
sends secret thoughts through TV sets
allows cats to talk to spiders
causes dogs to walk on 2 legs
gives him mind control over the entire universe's inhabitants
17. "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6": There were problems with filming the movie after the gang is:
bitten by bugs Charlie released in the bar
sent a cease and desist letter from Warner Bros
attacked in the bar during filming by the McPoyle family
convinced they need to hire better actors
18. "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6": The movie villain is defeated thanks to this item.
hockey puck
lawn sprinkler
jump rope
19. "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs": Dennis and Mac decide they'd rather find a replacement eye for Liam McPoyle rather than apologize to him for the events that led to the eye loss. Who do they try and get an eye from?
Rickety Cricket
Bill Ponderosa
Gail the Snail
Hwang the landlord
20. "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs": Dennis does this before leaving the apartment - which is on fire, by the way - with the rest of the gang.
gives everyone roofies
locks everyone else inside
calls the police and reports his apartment is being robbed
closes the windows and turns on the oven

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